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  • V.A. / Moon Faze Sun Gaze I

    Multi Culti [CA]

    Moon Faze Sun Gaze I [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1740(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/19

    カナディアン・カルト・レーベル<Multi Culti>コンピ・シリーズ「Moon Faze Sun Gaze」第1弾が前後して登場!!Tim Sweeneyをはじめ、Auntie Flo、Khidja、Soul Clap、Chida等がプレイ・サポート!!

    A1. Peter Power "Sun Sun Damba"
    A2. 84PC "Shkarim Ba Afela"
    A3. A1st "Theme of Sun Memory"
    B1. Thomash "Calango Fumando Palha (Lunar Version)"
    B2. DJ Grount "Dolmenzoo"
    B3. Von Party Feat. Naduve "Cobra Kush"
    B4. Lum "Rosa"

    Australian-Canadian cult label release their third and final vinyl sampler from their Sun Gaze / Moon Faze compilation series. The cult flies ever closer to the sun with sonic assistance from Peter Power, 84PC, A1st, Thomash, DJ Grount , Lum & Von Party Feat. Naduve. We live in a beautiful world, ladies and dudes... cherish it in all it's different forms, love it and don't be afraid. Never forget we're in this together: we are all in one mind.

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  • V.A. / Editor's Kutz #8

    Editor's Kutz [UK]

    Editor's Kutz #8 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/13

    ギリシアン気鋭VinylAddictedが率いる鉄板モダン・ディスコ・レーベル<Editor's Kutz>最新第8弾コンピEP!!毎度の如く間違いない全4trksグレイテスト!!


    A1. The Silver Rider "Tell Me"
    A2. Marsupials "Just Like Heaven"
    B1. Stereo 12 "Da Flow"
    B2. Napoleon "Luv Passage"


    Editor's Kutz is here, right on summertime wearing it's Volume 8 swimsuit, while the label boss seems to be on vacation too, since this is the first record of the series with no "VinylAddicted" track included.

    Pressed on a clear blue wax. Limited down to 500 copies, no repress!!!

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  • V.A. / Unlimited Love #2

    Unlimited Love [FRA]

    Unlimited Love #2 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/11

    フランスから登場したプレミアム・レア・ディスコ復刻レーベル<Unlimited Love>最新第2弾!!Theo Parrish、Rahaan、Sadar Bahar好きは絶対マスト・チェック!!Ltd.!!

    第1弾が大好評を博したフランスから登場したプレミアム・レア・ディスコ復刻レーベル<Unlimited Love>最新第2弾が到着!!これまた一生かかっても入手が難しいであろう4曲を収録したコンピ・シングルとなる今作は、あの<Wackie's>ボスBullwackieことLloyd Barnesがプロデュースを手掛けたNYドマイナー・レーベル<Shevone's>から'81年にリリースされたスプリット・シングルに収録されていたレア・グルーヴ・ディスコ超傑作A1、Magnum"Squivatch"をはじめ、こちらもまた誰も知らないであろう<Citysound Records>なるローカル・レーベルから同年に残されたスリージーなディスコ・ファンク・ボムA2"Rather You Than Me"から、現在もグループで活動しているという女性シンガーPhylliss Bailey唯一のアルバム収録ナンバーB2"Focus"まで、第1弾同様にオリジナル盤で揃えると軽く10万は超えてしまう全4trksスーパー・アメイジング!!Theo Parrish、Rahaan、Sadar Bahar好きは絶対マスト・チェックでお願いします!!

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  • V.A. / Compilation 04, Sampler 2

    Correspondant [FRA]

    Compilation 04, Sampler 2 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1840(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/08

    オスロの気鋭Andre Brattenによるヒット・チューン"Trommer Og Bass"で注目を集めた<Correspondant>レーベル・コンピ・サンプラーにDJ Chida新曲搭載!!

    A1. Gilad Kahana "Africa Sheli (Red Axes Remix)"
    A2. Borusiade "Nihilist Conga"
    B1. Autarkic "Accidents"
    B2. Chida "Aoyama Tunnel"

    Correspondant return with their fourth annual label compilation. In this, the year of their fifth anniversary, they invite you on a night drive which takes you deeper in to the darkness. Label owner Jennifer Cardini has invited a cavalcade of Correspondant’s core family (Man Power, Red Axes, Javi Redondo, Doll Kraut), closest collaborators (Axel Boman Boruisade), and newest friends (Chida, Yovav, Dollkraut, Kiwi, Jonathan Kusuma, Autarkic) to show the world that Correspondant has a synthetic heart of punk which pumps glacial disco through its frozen veins.

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  • V.A. / 20 Years Of Freerange (PT 3)

    Freerange Records [UK]

    20 Years Of Freerange (PT 3) [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1740(税込)
    Date: 2016/10/19

    Jimpster主宰<Freerange Records>20周年記念コンピ・アルバムからのセパレート・リリース第3弾がオススメ!!Detroit SwindleやSoul Of Hexによるエクスクルーシヴ・トラックを搭載!!

    A1. Detroit Swindle "Race Against The Machine"
    A2. Manuel Tur "Computer Chess"
    B1. Soul Of Hex "Jynmu"
    B2. Lancelot "Tarantism"

    Detroit Swindle return to Freerange with an exclusive track following the incredibly well received Figure Of Speech and Unfinished Business releases. Their label Heist continues to hog the top spots on the leading download sites and their releases on Freerange have been amongst the labels biggest sellers. Recent Detroit Swindle remixes of Romanthony, Hercules & Love Affair and Seven Davis Jr have helped confirm the Dutch duo as one of the most exciting and hyped deep house acts to emerge from Amsterdam in recent years. Tijuana based artist Soul Of Hex aka Sebastien Vorhaus already boasts material on the likes of MCDE, Quintessentials and his own Vicario LTD.


  • V.A. / EDITEP002

    White Label [UK]

    EDITEP002 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/05



    A1. Carbonara Tomkinson "To Get Kinky"
    A2. Meat Meal "Banjee Fever"
    B1. Grease Coupe "Witty"
    B2. Eintopf "All 2 Me"


    The second instalment from a well known Brighton based record label sees Carbonara Tomkinson & Eintopf return alongside resident producers and label mates, breathing new life into unknown rarities.

    Vinyl only, as somethings in life, be it food, sex or music are better when they remain physical.

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  • V.A. / Domu Edits

    Kat Records [UK]

    Domu Edits [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/08/17

    <Kat Records>最新作に何と90年代よりDego & Tatham辺りに代表されるウエスト・ロンドン周辺で活躍した鬼才Domuが登場!!

    Cratebug、Ilija Rudman、Deadly Sins、Frank Booker等がリリースする<Kat Records>最新作に何と90年代よりDego & Tatham辺りに代表されるウエスト・ロンドン周辺で活躍した鬼才Domuが登場!!大定番ディスコ"Best Of My Love"で知られるアメリカン・ソウル・シスター・トリオThe Emotionsが'78年にリリースしたMaurice White(R.I.P、Earth Wind & Fire)プロデュースの傑作アルバム「Sunbeam」収録のスキャット・コーラスが堪らない爽快ブリージン・ファンク・ソウルの傑作"Love Vibe"をピッチアップしフィルター処理等を交え完全フロア仕様に変貌させた技ありエディットA面に、アメリカン・ディスコ・シンガーClaudja Barryの'78年アルバム「I Wanna Be Loved By You」収録のディスコ・ファンク・ナンバー"Give It Up"を捌いたB面!!共にナウなフレッシュ感が溢れだしフロアを華やかに飾ります!!(Jaguar P)

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  • V.A. / WAXDIGITS002

    Wax Digits Music [UK]

    WAXDIGITS002 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/29

    ブライトンの気鋭FingermanことGregg Holmesが立ち上げた新興モダン・ディスコ・レーベル<Wax Digits Music>最新第2弾が登場!!全4trks死角ナシ!!


    A1. Fingerman "U Want Paradise"
    A2. Chris Shennan "Without Luv"
    B1. Chewy Rubs "Future Freak"
    B2. Dawn Again "We Will Miss You"


    Fingerman's Wax Digits imprint returns with a tasty 4 track EP. Feat Edits from Fingerman, Chewy Rubs alongside newcomers Chris Shennan and Dawn Again.

    Early support from Masterworks, Greg Wilson, Midnight Riot and more.

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  • V.A. / Enzino's 07

    Enzino's [ITA]

    Enzino's 07 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2016/08/03


    第1弾から前作の第6弾までのすべての作品をパワー・プッシュしてきた90sイタリアン・ハウス古典を再構築した人気シリーズで一躍脚光を集めた某イタリアン気鋭が匿名で展開するオブスキュア・ディスコ・リエディット・レーベル<Enzino's>最新第7弾が到着!!まず注目したいその主宰EnzinoがAkirahawks(Homopatik/House Mannequin/Love Comedy)とコラボしたセインティッシュ・ゲイ・ディスコ・アンセムTheo Vaness"Sentimentally It's You"をピッチダウンさせながらエフェクト/ブレイクなどのギミックを加え展開したB1"Theardo"をはじめ、変名?BluによるMarvin Gaye"Calypso Blues"のハウス・エディットA1"Martin Game"、そしてこれまた匿名と思わしきDon Palによるフィルタード・アシッド・ハウス・バーナーA2"India"と、オルタナティブ・ディスコ/地下ハウスDJsに超絶アピールする全4trksを搭載!!ワンショット限定300枚プレスにつき、お早目の確保をお願いします!!

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Body 2:2 Mind

    Tikita [GER]

    Body 2:2 Mind [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/24

    ベルリンの新興ディープ・テクノ・レーベル<Tikita>最新コンピEPに世界に羽ばたいた我らがDJ Nobu & Iori新曲が搭載!!問答無用のパワー・レコメンド!!

    A1. Dorisburg & Efraim Kent "Bubbelbad"
    A2. DJ Nobu "Safari"
    B1. Iori "Transparent"
    B2. natural/electronic.system. "Emersione"

    Tikita is a new label record label focused on body & mind music. Starting out with the deep and hypnotic tribalism of Dorisburg and Efraim Kent's "Bubblebad", Japanese legend DJ Nobu then starts trancing you out on the deep acid trip that is "Safari". On the flip we've got the Prologue affiliated Iori with "Transparent" which further explores his awe inspiring take on modern ambient music; absolutely lush this one is! Finally Neapolitan purveyors of trance induction Natural/Electronic System are back with "Emersione"; a slow burning and emotive journey with eerie pads, delayed drums and sonar blips just made for dropping out to!

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Room Service

    Wall Of Fame [US]

    Room Service [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/08/09

    期待の新興ディスコ・リエディット・レーベル<Wall Of Fame>最新第4弾が特大推薦!!全4trksグレイテスト!!

    ニューヨークで活動するニューフェイスDJ/プロデューサーP-SolことPat Sullivanが昨年に立ち上げた期待の新興ディスコ・リエディット・レーベル<Wall Of Fame>最新第4弾が特大推薦!!目玉となるポルトガルはリスボン出身、現在はドイツはミュンヘンで活動するディスコ・エディター気鋭AlkalinoことLino Rodrigues Polonioによる約2年越しのヴァイナル化となるDJ HarveyやNick The Record、Moodymann、Rahaan等に愛されてきたカナディアン・ディスコ・アンセムSarr Band"Magic Mandrake"の傑作ボトムフル・エディットA1"Wonderful Man"を筆頭に、<Whiskey Disco>主戦タレントB.G. Baarregaardによる鉄板モダン・ディスコ・ブギーA2"Love Long Gone"、そしてRahaanに見初められたスパニッシュ新星Javi Friasによるブラックネス漲るディスコ・ファンク・エディットB1"Feeling Good"等、即戦力ディスコ・リエディットが出揃った全4trksグレイテスト!!

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  • V.A. / Moon Faze Sun Gaze III

    Multi Culti [CA]

    Moon Faze Sun Gaze III [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/21

    <Turbo Recordings>オフシュート<Multi Culti>最新コンピEP!!Zongamin新曲搭載!!Laurent Garnier、Axel Boman、Red Axes、Lovefingers、Tim Sweeney、Auntie Floプレイ・サポート!!


    A1. Nicola Cruz "Pagano"
    A2. Moscoman "Se Acabo"
    A3. Zongamin "New Tribe"
    B1. Manfredas "Glasswalk"
    B2. Umoja "Umboweti"
    B3. Crowdpleaser And Mah'mood, Habib "Yasmin"

    Multi Culti's astrological archive expands into vinyl-phase #2 with deep lunar trips and solar worship from Nicola Cruz, Moscoman, Zongamin, Manfredas, Umoja and Crowdpleaser feat Mah'Mood.

    Fly with us, friends - we have places to go, faces to see, sounds to collect and feelings to make.

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 15

    Black Jukebox [UK]

    Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 15 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/09

    過去作品に軒並みプレミアが付けられている<Exploited>オフシュート<Black Jukebox>最新第15弾!!Very Ltd.300!!


    A1. illyus & Barrientos "Camel Brotha"
    A2. illyus & Barrientos "Just Bad Shit"
    B1. Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode "Birds"
    B2. Dayne S "In The Streets"

    Sales Notes:

    Back again on the Disco House Jam. Shir Khan presents 4 new fine cuts on Black Jukebox 15.
    A1 and A2 is being represented by Glasgow duo illyus & Barrientos, while B1 is in charge of Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode (Tour Synth Wizzard for Jamie Lidell & Detroit Swindle) and B2 by Dayne S.
    Do yourself a favor and pick it up before this limited collector’s item sells out.

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Church Volume 002

    Church [UK]

    Church Volume 002 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/08


    レーベル・オブ・ザ・モーメント<Rhythm Section International>に追随する同じくロンドンを拠点とする今絶対に注目すべきUK地下ハウス・レーベル<Church>からこれまた素晴らしいコンピレーション・シングルが到着!!<Unxpozd Entertainment>を率いるアメリカは東海岸リッチモンドの黒人ハウス・プロデューサーDJ AakmaelことGreg Stewartによる最高傑作と言っても過言ではない甘美な特上ジャジー・ディープ・ハウスA1"Just A Track Pt. 7"をはじめ、気になる謎の新顔日本人アクトAquariumによるミディアム・テンポのアンビエント・ディープ・ハウスA1"Slow Sunset Drive"、そして「NWOBHM aka New Wave of British House Music」の象徴的タレントLaurence Guyによる雰囲気のあるジャジー・サンプルのビートダウン・ディープ・ハウス傑作B1"Wish I Knew"等、あますところなく最高すぎた全4trks!!あらゆるハウスDJsにもれなくスーパー・レコメンド!!基本的にこのレーベルはワンショット・プレスなので、お早めにどうぞ!!

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  • V.A. / Disco Boogie Classics Vol 8

    G.C. Records, Inc. [UK]

    Disco Boogie Classics Vol 8 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/03

    ロンドンの気鋭プロデューサーDeadly Sinsが仕掛ける鉄板ディスコ・エディット・シリーズ「Disco Boogie Classics」最新第8弾!!Ltd.!!


    A1. Under The Knife (A Special Reconstruction)
    B1. Get Down
    B2. Tuckers Luck

    Disco Boogie Classics Vol 8.
    3 killer tracks reworked for the dancefloor.

    Early Support:

    Wolf Music
    Ashley Beedle
    Javi Frias

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Discomatin Edits 01

    Discomatin [FRA]

    Discomatin Edits 01 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2590(税込)
    Date: 2016/08/09



    A1. Big Stuff
    A2. Sea and Sky Line
    B1. Peripherique Nord
    B2. Jolie Face

    Near-legendary Parisian party people Discomatin launch into the new year with a brand new edit series. Ranging from firing Chic-level disco funk to smooth, slipper-shuffling soul, each cut represents each member of the crew's passions and inspirations. Highlights include the kitsch drama of "Big Stuff", the smoky, San Fran kerb crawl feel of "Sea & Sky Line", the spiralling, loopy sensation of "Peripherique Nord" and the sleazy sax feels on rare groove finale "Jolie Face". A fine representation of Paris's most exciting after party; the early birds don't catch the worm, they catch the obscure records to edit.

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  • V.A. / 10 Years Of Tsuba Part Three

    Tsuba [UK]

    10 Years Of Tsuba Part Three [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/06


    A1. Peace Division "Eh Oh Um (Dungeon Meat's Break Meat Mix)"
    B1. Midnight Special "Nude Runner"
    B2. M.ono & Luvless "Fettluke"

    We present the final part of the our 10th anniversary trilogy. For the A side one of the most iconic tracks from the Tsuba catalogue gets a very special remix from Dungeon Meat. The DM duo of Brawther and Tristan Da Cunha retain the hooks from the original adding a break heavy groove and their own unique touches resulting in a remix that successfully straddles genres and will appeal to a variety of tastemaking DJs. For the B1 Midnight Special, the project comprising Tsuba boss Kevin Griffiths and Justin Drake, deliver Nude Runner which nods ahead towards Disco with a rolling bassline and sampled strings. The closing track on the EP and our 10 year celebrations comes from M.ono and Luvless with the proto nu house of Fettluke.

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  • V.A. / Lemon / Mystery Track

    Little Creatures [UK]

    Lemon / Mystery Track [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1840(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/01

    見逃せない動向のベテラン・プレイヤーLuke Solomon主宰<Little Creatures>約3年振りに新作!!間違いないです!!

    AA Maiins - Luke Solomon's Body Edit


    Little Creatures returns from a slight vinyl hiatus with 2 big big jams. Luke Solomon’s personal hobby label has returned wit some music from the vaults. The lead track sees look returning to the studio with his long time Freak partner, Jonny Rock. The 2 were given the parts to a rather well known track and allowed do what they wished with it - they were then told that they were allowed to release - and bingo - mystery track was born. The flip side is Luke’s recent remix for psychedelic electronic act Maiins. This version has been creating all sort of dance floor wobbles world wide.

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Is It Disco? EP

    Whiskey Disco [US]

    Is It Disco? EP [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/02

    鉄板モダン・ディスコ・レーベル<Whiskey Disco>最新作コンピEP!!お馴染みのタレントからニューカマーまで抜群のDJ/フロアユースを誇る盤石の全4trksグレイテスト!!


    A1. Olivier Boogie "No Goodbye"
    A2. Thoma Cher "Something About"
    B1. Alkalino "Cosmic Disko"
    B2. JP Soul & Anthony Mansfield "Warlord"


    Whiskey Disco continues to explore the boundaries blurring the lines between original and edit, disco and oddity. WD47 is helmed by Dutchman, Olivier Boogie, an artist known for strengths across the spectrum, in previous releases, we've seen his editing on display, No Goodbye is a fine balance between original synthesis and editing panache. Thoma Cher is a newcomer to the edit scene, but has been heavily involved in a disco and house renaissance occurring in Shanghai over the last few years...

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Mushroom House EP 1

    Toy Tonics [GER]

    Mushroom House EP 1 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1740(税込)
    Date: 2016/12/22

    <Toy Tonics>が新たにスタートさせた「Mushroom House」シリーズ第1弾が絶対マスト・チェック!!激押しマックス!!Ltd.!!

    待望のリプレス!!年始にドロップされたAndreas Hopfl & Florian Vietz からなる当地はミュンヘンの新星デュオ・ユニットCOEOによる「Back In The Days」がいまだにロングセラーを続けているミュンヘンの名門レーベル<Gomma>オフシュート<Toy Tonics>が新たにスタートさせた「Mushroom House」シリーズ第1弾が絶対マスト・チェック!!中でも親元レーベル<Gomma>から'14年にリリースされた<Gomma>頭領Munk & <Comeme>を拠点に活躍するメキシカン奇才Rebolledo(Pachanga Boys)によるコラボ名作B1"Surf Smurf (Rebolledo Version)"が瀧見さんも絶賛プレイしていたダブアウト振りが半端ない相当ウィアードなロカビリー・ディスコ・ハウス超傑作で激押しマックス!!そして同じく<Gomma>主戦トリオ・ユニットWhoMadeWho作品を天才DJ Kozeが手掛けた'09年リリースのグレイト・ダブ・リミックスA1"Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub)"も収録した美味しい1枚!!この2タイトルは既にプレミアム・アイテムとなっていたので、かなり嬉しい再録です!!

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Quartet Series

    Quartet Series [GER]

    Quartet Series [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/28

    注目すべきアムスの新星Nachtbrakerが立ち上げた期待の新興レーベル<Quartet Series>第1弾が絶対マスト・チェック!!全4trksグレイテスト!!

    <Heist Recordings>や<Dirt Crew Recordings>等でリリースを重ねてきた注目すべきアムスの新星プロデューサーNachtbraker aka Maurits Verwoerdが立ち上げた期待の新興レーベル<Quartet Series>第1弾が絶対マスト・チェック!!一押しのアップカマー・ハンガリアンGnorkによる多幸感のあるシンセ・コード・ストロークにブレイクビーツを挿しこみ緩やかにビルドしていく初期Underground Resistanceや808 State諸作を彷彿とさせるアーリー90sレイヴ・リバイバルの極めつけ的クロスオーバー・ハウス・アンセムB2"Chord Tool"をはじめ、<Local Talk>主戦タレントとして活躍するブリストル出身の才人Crackazatによるグルーヴィーなベースラインに加えエレガントにヒットするピアノがまた超絶キラーなバレアリック・ディープ・ハウスA1"Lindop Circles"から当然主宰Nachtbrakerによる最高の新曲まで目白押しの全4trksグレイテスト!!もれなくパワー・レコメンド!!

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Bag Of Tricks Vol 2

    Masterworks Music [UK]

    Bag Of Tricks Vol 2 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2016/05/03

    マンチェスターのモダン・ディスコ・レーベル<Masterworks Music>最新コンピEP!!

    A1. Robjamweb "You Know How"
    A2. Buzz Compass "Chief Inspector"
    B1. Saine "You Can Count On Me"
    B2. Voodoo Whiskey "Singapore Sling"

    The first installment of the Masterworks' Bag Of Tricks series went down a treat upon its summer release. Now it's the autumn and they've rustled up some more edits, 15 in fact, again featuring some big names on the nu-disco scene. This new comp will one and all swinging from the rafters from fireworks parties to Christmas knees-ups. Highlights include the Cathy Dennis-sound-alike cowbell jam "You Know How" by RobJamWeb, the swaggering guitar strut of "The Walk" by Silver Rider and Rabo & Snob's quirky, perky hiNRG pumper "Harry Rama".

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Legalize Lambada Vol. 2

    Legalize Lambada [HR]

    Legalize Lambada Vol. 2 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/05/31

    クロアチアはザグレブから登場した期待の新興ディスコ・レーベル<Legalize Lambada>最新第2弾が登場!!Ltd.!!

    A1. Albion "Yetti"
    A2. Albion "Into Infinity"
    B1. Mikeburns "Enyin
    B2. Mikeburns "This Ground"

    As tanzverbort laws in some parts of the world still deprive people's basic need to dance, Croatia's "Legalize Lambada" movement brings you it's very own second cry for freedom.

    Side A features two slices from Camp Cosmic ambassador Albion leading the way with an italo disco obscurity known to cause hip replacement called "Yetti", followed by a travel ticket to hazy Cosmicville named ?Into infinity“. On the flip Austria's main digger MikeBurns saves two soulful african jewels from extinction; "Enyin" aiming at the dancefloor and "This ground" telling us a story.

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Love Edits Vol 1

    WYMM [UK]

    Love Edits Vol 1 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2016/05/13

    マスト・レーベル<Editor's Kutz>を率いるギリシアン気鋭VinylAddictedが手掛ける匿名エディット!!泣きのモダン・ソウル・ディスコ2発!!ハート型ヴァイナル!!Ltd.300!!


    A1. Give Me Your Love - More Active Than Ever VA Edit
    B1. Hurry Back - VA Edit

    2 Edits from a well known producer under the guise of WYMM.

    Pressed on limited Red Heart Shaped Vinyl

    Sold Out
  • V.A. / Re-Treats Vol. 1

    Retreat [GER]

    Re-Treats Vol. 1 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/04/21


    一貫してヴァイナル・オンリーを掲げるQuarion aka Yanneck Salvo & Session Victim片割れHauke Freerが主宰するベルリンの人気レーベル<Retreat>から2016年度初となる最新第18弾が到着!!レーベルに残された作品のニュー・リワーク集となる今作は、<Skylevel>からの新作が話題沸騰のNebraskaが既にモダン・クラシックと云われるオリジナルのキモであるエレピ・ループを活かしながらタイトルの通りにサンバ・ビートのビートダウン・ディスコ・ハウスに仕立て上げたA面Session Victim"Good Intentions (Nebraska Soho Samba Mix)"を筆頭に、Session Victimによるジューシーなシンセがレイヤーされたソウル・ジャズ・フレイバーの特上ビートダウン・フュージョン・ハウスB1"Iron Curtis & Leaves - A & F (Session Victim 612 Remix)"等、Andresから<MCDE>好きにもアピールする傑作揃いの全3trksを搭載!!これは最高です!!

    Sold Out


  • Opolopo Reworks [Jacket]


    Opolopo Reworks


    Tracklist: A1. Go Get It (OPOLOPO Tweak) B1. American Promise (OPOLOPO Rebounce) Description: Version Galore is a... [more]

  • Once I've Been There [Jacket]

    Norman Connors

    Once I've Been There


    Tracklist: A1. Once I've Been There B1. Captain Connors Description: Norman Connors was a 'go to' producer in th... [more]

  • My Old Friend [Jacket]

    Kerri Chandler

    My Old Friend


    Tracklist: A1. My Old Friend B1. We Can B2. We Can Again Description: "Black Vinyl label boss Alan Russell first ... [more]

  • Gloria [Jacket]

    Earl Jeffers



    Tracklist: A1. Gloria A2. Pleasure Signal B1. Return To Forever Pt. 1 B2. Return To Forever Pt. 2 Earl has been wit... [more]

  • Wounded Woman [Jacket]

    Sandra Wright

    Wounded Woman


    Sandra Wright was an incredibly powerful Soul singer who was born in Memphis and later based in Nashville. She had jo... [more]

  • I Like Sado Music [Jacket]

    Sandy Samuel

    I Like Sado Music


    Tracklist: A1. I Like Sado Music (Part 1) B1. I Like Sado Music (Part 2) Description: Official reissue handled by... [more]

  • My Son's Smile EP [Jacket]

    Pablo Valentino

    My Son's Smile EP


    Tracklist: A1. My Son's Smile A2. Atlantic's Calling (One for Portugal) B1. My Son's Smile (GE-OLOGY Teach The Babie... [more]

  • Below inc. The Backwoods Remix [Jacket]


    Below inc. The Backwoods Remix


    Tracklist: A1. Below B1. Below (The Backwoods Remix) Description: TBD, the decade-old project from Doug Lee (An-i... [more]

  • Upright Love [Jacket]

    E.O.L. Soulfrito

    Upright Love


    Tracklist: A1. Upright Love (Louie Vega Kat Mix) B1. Upright Love (Ritual Instrumental) B2. Thompkins Square Park (S... [more]

  • Shango EP [Jacket]


    Shango EP


    <Mahogani Music>ファミリーRandolphをフィーチャーしたChurch Boy Lou名義でのハウス作品も好評を博したJ Dillaの郷友であり... [more]

  • Maccheroni / Aula [Jacket]

    DJ Rocca

    Maccheroni / Aula


    Tracklist: A1. Maccheroni A2. Maccheroni (Eric Duncan Mix) 試聴ファイル1曲目 B1. Aula B2. Aula (Black Spuma Remix) ... [more]

  • Anuug Anunga / Baila Mi Ritmo [Jacket]


    Anuug Anunga / Baila Mi Ritmo


    Tracklist: A1. Anung Anunga B1. Baila Mi Ritmo Description: Originally released on a promo-only limited edition s... [more]

  • MIKE FEEL LOVE [Jacket]

    Mike Simonetti



    Tracklist: A1. Mike Feel Love B1. Midnight Or Late Afternoon Not only is mike "father of the year", but he also has... [more]

  • Main Squeeze / Key Largo (The Gospel) [Jacket]

    The S.H.E Project / T Tauri

    Main Squeeze / Key Largo (The Gospel)


    Tracklist: A1. The S.H.E Project "Main Squeeze (Alex Attias Edit)" B1. T Tauri "Key Largo (Stephane Attias Edit)" O... [more]

  • Red Rocks [Jacket]

    Paolo Martini

    Red Rocks


    Tracklist: A1. Red Rocks B1. Le Fonque Description: Industry veteran Paolo Martini is next to join the Emerald Ci... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Angel Dust B1. Turn Me On Over the past five years Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold have laid down... [more]

  • The Sound [Jacket]

    Ron & Manoo

    The Sound


    絶好調リリースを連発する<MusicandPower>を主宰するRon Trentが手掛けている本流レーベル<Future Vison>オフシュートでこれ... [more]

  • Aouta Gabon EP [Jacket]

    Toby Tobias

    Aouta Gabon EP


    Tracklist: A1. Aouta Gabon B1. House On The Hill Resista is back for number 10 and this time we welcome Toby Tobias... [more]

  • #12"@Last [Jacket]

    Pepe Bradock



    Tracklist: A1. Tresors B1. Tsundoku Description: Some two decades after delivering his first release, Pepe Bradoc... [more]

  • Ta Paus [Jacket]


    Ta Paus


    Tracklist: A1. Moln A2. Till Dig A3. Blomstertid A4. Pa Solen A5. Promenad A6. Trettio Description: HNNY returns ... [more]

  • Folha De Jurema feat. Arteria FM [Jacket]

    Nicola Cruz, Salvador Araguaya & Spaniol

    Folha De Jurema feat. Arteria FM


    Tracklist: A1. Folha De Jurema A2. Folha De Jurema (Xique Xique's Dragonfruit Mix) B1. Folha De Jurema (Crussen's Cr... [more]

  • In Oeland [Jacket]


    In Oeland


    Tracklist: A1. Muddy Middle Of Nowhere A2. Oelan Gunda A3. Invisible Mile B1. Air Kiribati B2. Coral Heads B3. Cadej... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. You Call That Love? B1. Slow Down Description: Just like buses, you wait for one, then two come at... [more]

  • Give It Up [Jacket]

    Neddy Smith

    Give It Up


    Tracklist: A1. Give It Up B1. Liberated Woman (Don't Blame Her) Description: Neddy Smith seems to be just anothe... [more]

  • Marcos Valle [Jacket]

    Marcos Valle

    Marcos Valle


    ノルウェー産カルト・ソフト・ロック名盤Lion & The Lamb奇跡のLPリイシューや先日ご紹介したガラージ古典"I'm Here Again"で... [more]

  • Viralata [Jacket]

    Antonio Adolfo



    Tracklist: A1. Cascavel A2. Paraiba Do Sul A3. Brincadeira Em Re A4. Brincadeira Em Mi Bemol A5. Caminhada A6. Verme... [more]

  • Vocoder So Sexy [Jacket]

    Knu Je'

    Vocoder So Sexy


    90年代初頭より<Gherkin Records>、<Dance Mania>、<Alleviated Records>等といった主要シカゴ・ハウス・レーベルをはじめ、... [more]

  • Not_01 [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Artisan Strings A2. Heya Jam A3. Red Jo B1. Untitled Energy B2. Beat Turn Allegedly from the norther... [more]

  • The Way It Goes (Track 1) [Jacket]

    Kerri Chandler & Troy Denari

    The Way It Goes (Track 1)


    デッドストック!!リヴィング・ハウス・レジェンドKerri Chandlerが90年代初頭から自身が手掛けている<Madhouse Records>か... [more]

  • Hey Drum / The Truth [Jacket]


    Hey Drum / The Truth


    Tracklist: A1. Hey Drum B1. The Truth Description: Dan Snaith's 27-track Fabriclive bounty just keeps on giving. ... [more]

  • Music For Cats Vol. 2 [Jacket]


    Music For Cats Vol. 2


    Tracklist: A1. Bara Bara B1. The Road Is Hard Description: Milano producer Turbojazz is back on GAMM with 'Food F... [more]

  • Preslav presents The 24HR Band [Jacket]


    Preslav presents The 24HR Band


    Tracklist: A1. Morning A2. Afternoon B1. Evening Although not a band in a traditional sense of the word, this recor... [more]

  • Real Sucker For Your Love [Jacket]

    Hugh Mane

    Real Sucker For Your Love


    Tracklist: A1. Real Sucker For Your Love B1. The Way Of The Gospels B2. Flight Cover Adult Contemporary welcomes U.... [more]

  • Attitude [Jacket]

    Ron Trent



    ここ最近でも相変わらず傑作を連発しているシカゴ・ハウス界の重鎮Ron Trentによる絶好調レーベル<MusicandPower>最新第10弾... [more]

  • Groove Theory [Jacket]


    Groove Theory


    Kai Alce主宰<NDATL Muzik>よりデビューを果たし、めきめきと才能を開花してきている新世代注目プロデューサーJavonntteことB... [more]

  • LPHWHITDD [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Keita Sano "Long Run (Pt. 3)" A2. Klubbhuset "Omedelbar Karlek" B1. Lovers "Fresh 'N' Hot" B2. Jacque... [more]

  • Jerusalem EP's [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    Jerusalem EP's


    先日復刻された'96年の傑作1stアルバム「Atmosfear」に続いて、シカゴ・ブラックフュージョン・ハウスの雄Glenn Underground... [more]

  • Part One [Jacket]


    Part One


    Tracklist: A1. The Love I Need B1. Love Tool B2. Gas In My Tank Description: "The Love I Need" kicks us off, a Fl... [more]

  • Invisible Starlight [Jacket]

    Universal Cave / The Beat Broker

    Invisible Starlight


    Tracklist: A1. Invisible Starlight (Universal Cave Edit) B1. Invisible Starlight (The Beat Broker Kind Dub) Invisib... [more]

  • D'Hardest [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. D' Hardest B1. D' Hardest (Version) Trinidadian eccentric Shadow has seen interest in his 1980s work... [more]

  • Edits #1 [Jacket]


    Edits #1


    Tracklist A1. Fun Sun Fun B1. Happy Sounds B2. To The Club Description: The American producer opens the A-side w... [more]

  • Keep Holdin On [Jacket]

    Rick Poppa Howard

    Keep Holdin On


    Tracklist: A1. Keep Holding On A2. Keep Holding On (Remix) B1. Gimme That Love B2. Gimme That Love (Instrumental) ... [more]

  • Take Me Dancing [Jacket]

    AJL Band

    Take Me Dancing


    デトロイト鬼才Omar Sが主宰する<FXHE Records>より'79年にリリースされた誰も知らないであろうシンガポール産鬼レア・ブギー... [more]

  • Nonstop Retro House 2015 [Jacket]

    Kentaro Iwaki

    Nonstop Retro House 2015


    「過去リリース作品がほぼソールドアウト状態、毎回ご好評を頂いているNONSTOPMXIシリーズ第7弾は、昨今再評価の動きが著しい... [more]

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