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  • Joe Morris / Jacaranda Skies

    Pleasure Unit [UK]

    Jacaranda Skies [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2018/03/20

    フィリー・ダンス・クラシック古典Dexter Wansel"The Sweetest Pain"ネタの前作が当店でも好評を博した<Pleasure Unit>久しぶりとなる第7弾がこれまた特大推薦!!<Is It Balearic?>や<Balearic Social Records>といった名門バレアリック・レーベルからリリースしてきたイギリスはリーズの気鋭プロデューサーJoe Morrisによる最高の新作!!イタリアン・ドリーム・ハウス好きにドンズバ!!


    A1. Jacaranda Skies A2. The Lost Garden
    B1. Mangrove Dawn B2. Skies Reprise

    Joe Morris is back in action on Jacaranda Skies 8.02, exploring more of that balmy sound that Pleasure Unit love so dearly when having a good time down by the marina. This is how yacht rock would sound if it had got with the party program, not least on the illustrious "Jacaranda Skies". "The Lost Garden" is a more mysterious affair that trades in immersive atmospherics with a distinctly soundtracky feel. "Mangrove Dawn" is a sleepy affair that wraps around you like a perfectly timed silken scarf, and then "Skies Reprise" lets Morris sail back into those bountiful waters that gave us the lead track.


  • Cloud Nine [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2018/02/20

    <Is It Balearic?>や<Balearic Social Records>といった名門バレアリック・レーベルからリリースしてきたイギリスはリーズの気鋭プロデューサーJoe Morris新作がオススメ!!イタリアン・ドリーム・ハウシーなバレアリック・ハウス傑作オリジナルA1をはじめ、Max EssaやCoyote等が手掛けたリミックスも抜群の全4trks!!


    A1. Cloud Nine
    A2. Cloud Nine (Max Essa Remix)
    B1. Cloud Nine (Coyote Remix)
    B2. Cloud Nine (Aimes Remix)

    For WS23 we head to Leeds where Clandestino crew member Joe Morris vibes us out with a stunning balearic house tune, Cloud Nine. On remix duties we are thrilled to feature two masters of the balearic house scene, Max Essa and Coyote, who lend their signature sounds to the mixes, with label boss Aimes bringing up the rear with an uplifting flip of the original

    Sold Out
  • Bahia [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2016/11/16

    イギリスはリーズから登場した期待の新興レーベル<Balearic Social Records>最新第3弾が入荷!!モダン・バレアリックの極めつけ!!Ltd.!!

    第2弾がDJ Harveyパワー・プレイで大きな話題となったイギリスはリーズから登場した期待の新興レーベル<Balearic Social Records>最新第3弾が入荷!!<Is It Balearic?>からリリースした前作「Golden Tides」が最高だった当地はリーズの注目すべきアップカマー・プロデューサーJoe Morrisによる今作は、"What About This Love"あたりのLarry Heard作品を彷彿とさせる透き通るほどに澄みきった音響/音場を形成した極上も極上のバレアリック・ディープ・ハウス名作A1"Bahia"を筆頭に、黄金期の「Cafe Del Mar」に思いを馳せてしまうメディテイティヴなスローモー・バレアリック・ハウスA2"Stars Over Benniras"、そしてキモといえるかもしれないニューエイジ・バレアリック・フュージョンB1"Emerald Mountain"等、眩しいほどに美しいサウンドスケープがあまりにも素晴らしい全4trksを収録!!国内外でも限られたショップ(あのJuno Records未入荷です...)にしか卸されていない1枚につき、これだけは絶対にお見逃しなく!!

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  • Joe Morris / Golden Tides EP

    Is It Balearic? [UK]

    Golden Tides EP [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/06/08

    Coyoteが主宰する現行バレアリック・レーベル<Is It Balearic? Recordings>から最極上の1枚が登場!!リーズから登場した気になるニューフェイスJoe Morris注目の新作!!

    Is It Balearic turn up the heat and kiss winter goodye with this debut solo EP from Clandestino's Joe Morris, packed with lush electronic grooves. Opening with one eye on the dancefloor, title track "Golden Tides" is a mid tempo houser with beautiful pads and soft arpeggios which delivers late afternoon sundowner vibrations. From there we dive into the depths of "Bayou" an afterdark evocative tropical house trip with a touch of the Sueno Latino about it. Flipside opener, "Light Of The Moon" is a more reflective slo mo affair, heading into the undergrowth where warm pads and 808 sounds melt into cicadas. Last but not least, we watch the sun dip over the savannah horizon with sumptuous finale "Mpondo Theme". Natural sounds, kalimba and loose percussion all sit together perfectly, closing the set in sundappled fashion.

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  • Colours EP [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1490(税込)
    Date: 2013/04/03

    新興レーベル<El Diablo's Social Club>最新第2弾!!incl.Amazing Dr Dunks Rmx!!

    マンチェスター老舗人気レコード・ショップPicadilly Records周辺気鋭Neil Diabloが始動させた新興レーベル<El Diablo's Social Club>最新第2弾が登場!!今作はリーズのニューカマーJoe Morrisによるヴァイナル・デビュー・シングルで、まず注目はDr DunksことEric Duncan(Rub N Tug / Still Going)手掛ける脳髄を刺激するビキビキのアシッド・ラインを敷き詰めた好調ぶりが伺えるグレイト・リミックスB1"Clours (Dr Dunks Disco Detour)"!!そして鮮やかなストリングス・フレーズが降り注ぐイタロチークなアルペジエイテッド・ニュー・ディスコ傑作オリジナルA面"Colours"に加え、夏が待ち遠しくなるスローモー・バレアリック・ブギーB2"Heartstrings"も極上の逸品!!文句なしにパワー・プッシュの1枚!!瀧見憲司プレイ!!

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  • (Re)Subliminal [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Chiko-Chan A2. Mamawasotode A3. Tsuzuraori No Onna A4. Tamare-Tamare B1. Mari-Chan B2. Chico-Chan (C... [more]

  • MJ's Vacation / Marvin's Day [Jacket]

    Carlos Cezaro

    MJ's Vacation / Marvin's Day


    Tracklist: A1. MJ's Vacation B1. Marvin's Day Desert Island Edits isn't just another re-edit label, but an outpost ... [more]

  • Special [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Special (A Special Edit) B1. Special Description: BEER is back. And their fourth release is a spec... [more]

  • You Know How To Love Me / Let Someone Love You (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend) [Jacket]

    Phyllis Hyman / Keni Burke

    You Know How To Love Me / Let Someone Love You (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend)


    Tracklist: A1. Phyllis Hyman "You Know How To Love Me (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend)" B1. Keni Burke "Let So... [more]

  • Rushing Through My Mind (The Mang Dynasty Versions) [Jacket]

    Josefin Ohrn / The Liberation

    Rushing Through My Mind (The Mang Dynasty Versions)


    Tracklist: A1. Mang Dynasty (Extended Version) B1. Mang Dynasty (Instrumental Version) B2. Mang Dynasty (Radio Edit)... [more]

  • Foot In The Door / Awake O Zion [Jacket]


    Foot In The Door / Awake O Zion


    Tracklist: A1. Onward International "Foot In The Door (Alex & Stephane Attias Edit)" B1. Elbertina 'Twinkie' Clark "... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. T1 B1. T2 Description: Vinyl Only - A new series from Mad Recordings that equates all possibilitie... [more]

  • Calypso [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Calypso Description: Batongo's journey in to the world of editing continues with discoveries of ne... [more]

  • Trip / Sisters Of The Moon [Jacket]


    Trip / Sisters Of The Moon


    Tracklist: A1. The Trip B1. Sisters Of The Moon Those wizards of digging Psychemagik doing the business once again.... [more]

  • ORTMEK 01 [Jacket]


    ORTMEK 01


    Tracklist: A1. Aycicegi B1. Biz Burdayiz B2. Gunesi Kesin 3 expansive edits of Turkish funk and psychedelia, each d... [more]

  • Noite Que Brincou De Lua [Jacket]

    Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares

    Noite Que Brincou De Lua


    As a label guided by the mission of sharing the lesser heard sounds of Brazil with the world, Far Out Recordings are ... [more]

  • Primitive Arts [Jacket]

    Ron Trent

    Primitive Arts


    重鎮シカゴ・ハウス・プロデューサーRon Trentが'99年に名門<Peacefrog Records>からリリースした中古市場でも軽く1万を超え... [more]

  • Volume 4 [Jacket]

    Shake Tapes

    Volume 4


    Tracklist: A1. I'm A Big Freak (Dan Shake Cut) A2. It's Like That (Dan Shake Cut) B1. Were You Ready For That (Jamie... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Slander B1. Late Night Reflections Description: The master of elephantine yet elegant NYC techno-... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Under My Spell - Virile Composition B1. Under My Spell - Joaquin's Tribes of Distortion Dub B2. Lumin... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. What's Good B1. XRMNBMMR (MIX1) B2. XRMNBMMR (MIX2) It'd be hard to start a label to take pot shots ... [more]

  • Unknown [Jacket]




    先日リリースされたフレンチ・ハウス・レジェンドSt.Germainが名門<Blue Note>から'00年にリリースしたジャズ・ハウス・クラ... [more]

  • Jacaranda Skies [Jacket]

    Joe Morris

    Jacaranda Skies


    Tracklist: A1. Jacaranda Skies A2. The Lost Garden B1. Mangrove Dawn B2. Skies Reprise Joe Morris is back in action... [more]

  • LPH___VI [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Jacques Renault "Choo Choo Beat" B1. Daniel T "Master Plan" Late last year, we modestly celebrated t... [more]

  • Love Tempo [Jacket]

    Love Company

    Love Tempo


    Tracklist: A1. Love Tempo B1. Somebody Help Me Be Fair Description: Athens Of The North strike again. A big spin... [more]

  • Wonders Of The Rainforest [Jacket]

    Hidden Spheres

    Wonders Of The Rainforest


    Tracklist: A1. Forest Soil A2. Forest Soil (Reprise) B1. Sapodila B2. Lianas Having previously plied his wares on D... [more]

  • Deep Burnt Edits [Jacket]

    Pepe Bradock

    Deep Burnt Edits


    Tracklist: A1. Surprise! B1. The Surprise Is That There Is No Surprise! While he's gone on to produce some of the m... [more]

  • Burning [Jacket]

    Pepe Bradock



    フランスきっての鬼才Pepe Bradockがキャリア初期の'99年に<Kif Recordings>からリリースした名作タイトル「Burning」が10年... [more]

  • Daddy's EP [Jacket]


    Daddy's EP


    Tracklist: A1. Interwall A2. Perculi Pt. 1 B1. HBB Store B2. Perculi Pt. 2 Description: Germany-based co-founder ... [more]

  • Classiques Volume Thirteen [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    Classiques Volume Thirteen


    シカゴ・ブラック・フュージョン・ハウスの雄Glenn Underground手掛ける大人気ディスコ・エディット・シリーズ<GU Classiques... [more]

  • Reciprocity EP [Jacket]

    Afrikan Sciences

    Reciprocity EP


    Tracklist: A1. Reciprocess A2. Hullman Z A3. G It G B1. Just In Case B2. Son Shine You can always count on Afrikan ... [more]

  • Star Child [Jacket]

    MJ Lallo

    Star Child


    Tracklist: A1. Star Child Going Home A2. Aquarius Blue B1. Deep Dreams Description: Whilst soundtracking films fo... [more]

  • Ritmi [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Sentire A2. Creare A3. Avere B1 Ricreare (Yoshinori Hayashi Remix) B2. Essere The latest intriguing... [more]

  • Just Don't Understand [Jacket]

    Dancing Egg

    Just Don't Understand


    Tracklist: A1. Just Don’t Understand Mystery white label imprint launches with a single-sided 12" that blends fam... [more]

  • Monsieur Blue 003 [Jacket]

    Monsieur Blue

    Monsieur Blue 003


    Tracklist: A1. Untitled B1. Untitled B2. Untitled The mysterious Monsieur Blue returns for a third time to unfurl m... [more]

  • Yambu (Sacred Rhythm Mix) [Jacket]

    Joe Claussell feat. Dayme Arocena

    Yambu (Sacred Rhythm Mix)


    Tracklist: A1. Yambu (Sacred Rhythm Mix) Venerated club icon Joe Claussell gives Cuban sensation Dayme Arocena the... [more]

  • Anambra [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Anambra (12" Extended Mix) B1. Anambra (Edited Version) B2. Anambra River Isle Of Jura go back to 19... [more]

  • Nos Magia [Jacket]

    Arp Frique

    Nos Magia


    Tracklist: A1. Nos Magia B1. Kamajo B2. Ijo Ya Description: Three dance floor hitters by the Dutch Arp Frique. "N... [more]

  • African Drug (A Special Save The Rhino Project) [Jacket]

    Bob Holroyd

    African Drug (A Special Save The Rhino Project)


    Tracklist: A1. African Drug (Bob Holroyd's Original Version) B1. African Drug (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Hallucination... [more]

  • Grey Skies [Jacket]


    Grey Skies


    トラックリスト: Side A 1. 時の始まり 2. 約束 3. One's Love 4. 午后の休息 5. 愛は幻 Side B 1. Wander Lust 2. 街 3. い... [more]

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