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  • Bufiman / Ba Hu Du (Wolf Muller's Unrelease Version)

    Safe Trip [NL]

    Ba Hu Du (Wolf Muller's Unrelease Version) [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2019/07/11

    Young Marco主宰<Safe Trip>からリリースされた絶対的な人気を集めるドイツはデュッセルドルフの天才プロデューサーJan Schulte aka Wolf Mullerによる片面プレスの限定プロモ12インチがようやく入荷!!レフトフィールド・トライバル・ダンス超傑作!!


    A1. Ba Hu Du (Wolf Muller's Unreleased Version)

    “Ba Du Hu (Wolf Muller's Unreleased Version)” includes all of the ingredients that make Wolf Muller reworks so special. Rich in loose and heavy, densely layered percussion, Schulte’s trademark Jew’s Harp, liquid electronics and breathy, mangled tribal chants ? the latter presented in a handy locked groove at the end of the single ? the track is little less than dancefloor voodoo for basement botherers and slacker daydreamers alike. “Ba Hu Du” is a taster for a forthcoming compilation of Wolf Muller remixes, “Sorry For The Delay”, which brings together a sterling selection of whimsical reworks and previously unheard revisions. Safe Trip will release the collection late 2018.


  • Bufiman / Peace Moves EP

    Dekmantel [NL]

    Peace Moves EP [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2017/07/16

    Wolf Muller名義でも知られるドイツはデュッセルドルフの注目すべき若き天才Bufiman aka Jan Schulteが名門<Dekmantel>初登場にして最高の新作をリリース!!この人は本当に凄いです!!問答無用のスーパー・レコメンド!!


    A1. Peace Moves
    A2. Peace Moves (DJ Normal 4 Ever Armistice Mix)
    B1. Peace Moves (Pulse Mix)
    B2. Graffiti Moves


    Jan Schulte makes his Dekmantel debut with Peace Moves, an EP of percussive soul, that captures the Salon Des Amateurs resident in full, tribal swing. Four tracks of informed, well-paced grooves, and finely crafted beats that extenuate the German’s penchant for the mature, and fun loving heads.

    Sold Out
  • Bufiman / Altere Sachen EP

    Fasaan Recordings [SWE]

    Altere Sachen EP [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2015/08/07

    注目すべき若きタレンテッド・プロデューサーBufiman(Wolf Muller)新作!!この人は間違いないです!!

    <International Feel Recordings>から先日リリースされたJose Padilla超限定リミックス・シングルでも確かな手腕を魅せてくれたWolf Muller名義でも知名度が上がってきたドイツはデュッセルドルフの注目すべき若きタレンテッド・プロデューサーBufiman aka Jan Schulteがスウェディッシュ・レーベル<Fasaan Recordings>最新第8弾に登場!!ゴリゴリのベースラインが唸り、コズミックなシンセが幅を利かせたポスト・パンキッシュなディスコ・ファンク・グルーヴァーA面"Die Mumie"を筆頭に、強力なスラップ・ベースを擁したタメの効いた重厚ストンプ・ビートに鮮やかなスペース・シンセが放射するDJ Harveyスピンが目に浮かぶスローモー・ディスコ・キラーB1"Raising (Delay Dub)" & B2"Raising (Clean Dub)"と、すべからく素晴らしい全3trksを搭載!!この人は間違いないです!!

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  • Bufiman / Running EP

    Versatile [FRA]

    Running EP [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/07/04

    注目すべきニューフェイス・プロデューサーWolf Mullerが手掛ける新プロジェクトBufiman新作!!Nick The Recordチャートイン!!待望のリプレス!!

    待望のリプレス!!カルトなリリースが局地的に話題を集めていたドイツはデュッセルドルフから登場した注目すべきニューフェイス・プロデューサーWolf Muller aka Jan Schulte(International Feel)が手掛ける新プロジェクトBufimanがフランス名門レーベル<Versatile Records>に初参戦!!ゴリゴリのベースラインとチャンキーなクラビネットが強力にドライヴするポスト・パンキッシュなダーティー・ダブ・ディスコ・キラーA面"Running (The Chase)"を筆頭に、アフロ・コズミック・マナーのミディアム・トライバル・ディスコB1"Kalvier"、そしてフリーキーなシンセ・ソロをフィーチャーしたスローモー・コズミック・ディスコB2"Bonobobeat"と、<Versatile Records>が自信を持ってフックアップしたことも納得の全3trksグレイテスト!!この先のリリースも楽しみです!!Nick The Recordチャートイン!!

    Sold Out


  • You’ll Never Find / Loving You [Jacket]


    You’ll Never Find / Loving You


    Tracklist: A1. Lou Rawls "You'll Never Find (Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Unreleased Mix) B1. Kenny ... [more]

  • I Just Wanna (Spend A Little Time With You) [Jacket]

    Alton Edwards

    I Just Wanna (Spend A Little Time With You)


    Tracklist: A1. Michael Gray Remix A2. Michael Gray Dub Mix B1. Original Vocal Mix B2. Original Inst Mix Originally ... [more]

  • Blue In The Heart [Jacket]

    Dan Penn

    Blue In The Heart


    Tracklist: A1. Blue In The Heart B1. Time To Get Over You Wallace Daniel Pennington. More familiarly known as Dan P... [more]

  • Sinner [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. I'll Provide B1. I Think Of Saturday C1. If I Gave U My Love D1. Deeper Shadow D2. Sinnerman 未だ謎... [more]

  • Keep It Deep Vol 2 [Jacket]


    Keep It Deep Vol 2


    Tracklist: A1. Vincent Inc & LA "Cafe Tropical" A2. Rico De Almenda "Watermelon Man" B1. Venus Attack Project "Grass... [more]

  • Private Lesson [Jacket]

    Private Lesson

    Private Lesson


    Tracklist: A1. Erotique A2. Digital Native (Feat Takako Minekawa) B1. Rooftop Garden B2. Highland (Feat Takako Minek... [more]

  • Bobby [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Bobby (Caserta's Mix) B1. Bobby (Kon's Dub) Primarily known for his work behind the boards with heav... [more]

  • Ain't Gonna Run No More [Jacket]


    Ain't Gonna Run No More


    Tracklist: A1. Ain’t Gonna Run No More B1. Ain’t Gonna Run No More (Instrumental) 「5ヶ月とあけずにリリースを続... [more]

  • Still Blind [Jacket]

    Phil Gerus

    Still Blind


    Tracklist: A1. Still Blind A2. Still Blind (Lauer Remix) B1. Still Blind (Jamie Paton Remix) B2. Still Blind (Jamie ... [more]

  • Tears / People Make The World Go Round [Jacket]


    Tears / People Make The World Go Round


    Tracklist: A1. Tears B1. People Make The World Go Round 「ドイツのagogo recordsからヨーロッパ限定盤をリリースするな... [more]

  • Dance 4 Love '99 [Jacket]

    Eli & Nomi

    Dance 4 Love '99


    Tracklist: A1. Dance 4 Love '99 B1. Dub 4 Luv '99 The long-standing collaboration between influential NYC DJ Eli Es... [more]

  • Disco Edits Vol.1 [Jacket]

    Unknown Arthist

    Disco Edits Vol.1


    Tracklist: A1. Track 1 B1. Track 2 A mysterious white label from a mysterious source with no details or even track ... [more]

  • Low Of Love / More Love [Jacket]

    Jacques Renault

    Low Of Love / More Love


    Tracklist: A1. Law Of Love B1. More Loving Description: Just like a humble neighbourhood taqueria, a bastion of c... [more]

  • Apparel Wax 006 [Jacket]

    Apparel Wax

    Apparel Wax 006


    Tracklist: A1. Track 1 A2. Track 2 B1. Track 3 The masked hero comes back after the LP with a 3 tracks EP landing i... [more]

  • G-Edits #7 [Jacket]

    G. Markus

    G-Edits #7


    Tracklist: A1. 4Play B1. Inta Ben Gomori dons his G. Markus mask once again following a hotly repressed sixth volu... [more]

  • Danse Primitive [Jacket]

    The Balek Band

    Danse Primitive


    Tracklist: A1. Tometsi A2. Disconiels B1. Bayoyo Sou Description: Danse Primitive is the second effort from Nante... [more]

  • Sea Of Bliss [Jacket]

    Don Slepian

    Sea Of Bliss


    Computer music was born back in 1958 in Max Mathew’s sound lab, at what was then the Bell Telephone Labs research ce... [more]

  • Mind Your Head EP [Jacket]

    Kris Baha

    Mind Your Head EP


    Tracklist: A1. Mind Your Head A2. Jeff (Dub) A3. Around You Go B1. 2 Nights In Armenia B2. ArpB REPRESS ‘A Versati... [more]

  • Slide / Ride [Jacket]


    Slide / Ride


    Tracklist: A1. Slide B1. Ride (feat. Brian Jackson) Description: Escort brings the heat with the 2nd instalment i... [more]

  • Walking On Sunshine [Jacket]


    Walking On Sunshine


    Tracklist: A1. Walking On Sunshine B1. Walking On Sunshine (DJ Koco a.k.a. Shimokita Edit) 「昨年12月に”Crazy Love... [more]

  • Vibe Under A Different Frequency EP [Jacket]

    Vincent Halliburton

    Vibe Under A Different Frequency EP


    Scott Fergusonが主宰する<Ferrispark Recordings>より'02年にリリースした傑作12インチや<Mahogani Music>からのリリースで... [more]

  • Boom Boom [Jacket]


    Boom Boom


    Tracklist: A1. Jingo A2. Wax Fm A3. Conch B1. Rubber B2. Ipx7 B3. Big Boom In times where literally everything has ... [more]

  • Ou Sommes Nous? [Jacket]

    Vini Vidi Vici

    Ou Sommes Nous?


    Tracklist: A1. Club Stuff A2. Vini Vidi Vici B1. Ou Sommes Nous? B2. AA HHH Once again diving into the mysterious e... [more]

  • Forward's Walts / Quest [Jacket]

    DJ Mas aka Senju-Fresh!

    Forward's Walts / Quest


    「アングラ一発!混じり気の無いハードコア・ヒップホップがここに!数々のDJ現場で定評のあるDJ MAS aka SENJU-FRESH!のプロ... [more]

  • Funk Purpose Vol.2/Pt.2 [Jacket]


    Funk Purpose Vol.2/Pt.2


    Tracklist: C1. Fingerman "Sabu's Theme" C2. Pete Le Freq "Crew Say Dah" D1. Sleazy Mcqueen "Ready 4 Luv" D2. Swifft ... [more]

  • Take 8 [Jacket]


    Take 8


    Tracklist: A1. Take 8 A2. Take 8 (Kevin Devine Interpretation) B1. Take 8 (Jackie House & Taraval Remix) San Franci... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Tony Touch & Louie Vega "Sacude (Roots NYC Organ Dub)" B1. Tony Touch & Louie Vega "Sacude (Funkbox I... [more]

  • Street Soul Brasil: 1987-1995 [Jacket]


    Street Soul Brasil: 1987-1995


    Street Soul Brasil (1987 - 1995) compiled by Augusto Olivani features songs from prominent artists of the era's urban... [more]

  • Secretsundaze Mixtape [Jacket]

    Joe Claussell

    Secretsundaze Mixtape


    「Giles SmithとJames Priestleyが主宰するパーティーを母体とするレーベルSecretsundazeから、御大Joe Claussellによる極上... [more]

  • Fruits And Vegetable Groove [Jacket]

    Marcellus Pittman

    Fruits And Vegetable Groove


    Tracklist: A1. Fruits And Vegetable Groove B1. Love 4 My Kinfolk Description: デトロイトのスーパー・ビートダウン... [more]

  • Rejoicing [Jacket]

    Jasper St Co.



    Tracklist: A1. Paradise A2. Anything B1. Wanna Be Happy B2. Happy Song C1. My Soul Is A Witness C2. Praying For You ... [more]

  • SNAKER 010 [Jacket]

    Eirwud Mudwasser

    SNAKER 010


    Tracklist: A1. Hiccup A2. Hahahaha So Sad A3. Crazy Lilo A4. Drum Machine Circle A5. Martyn Drums B1. Treewalkers Cr... [more]

  • Powder In Space (CD) [Jacket]


    Powder In Space (CD)


    Powder In Space marks the first in a new series exploring dance music’s form and informality from Tim Sweeney’s Bea... [more]

  • Land [Jacket]




    「DJ CMTによる別名義アンビエント?プロジェクト"CHAM"。 CHAMの作品は、活火山の森の中での生活や、精霊の住む山の麓のス... [more]

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