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  • Ben Sun / Place Of Worship EP

    Delusions Of Grandeur [UK]

    Place Of Worship EP [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2019/04/17

    ロンドンの名門レーベル<Delusions Of Grandeur>から登場した主戦タレントである当地の気鋭プロデューサーBen SunことBen Davidsonによる約3年振りとなる新作がスーパー・レコメンド!!ハートフルなピアノ・フレーズがディスコ・グルーヴに展開する涙を禁じ得ない感動のアフターアワーズ・ディープ・ハウス名曲A面はフューチャー・クラシックになり得るBen Sun最高傑作と断言!!


    A1. See It Come Shining
    B1. Oceanways T150 B2. Atlantis Transfer

    Time flies when you're having fun and we can't fathom how this can be Ben Sun's 5th EP for Delusions Of Grandeur but it's true enough and once again he comes up trumps in the form of the Place Of Worship EP. Having previously graced such esteemed imprints as Royal Oak, Tru Thoughts, Razor n Tape as well as his own vinyl-only label Voyeurhythm the London based Australian producer continues to be both highly regarded, yet somewhat under the radar but we're sure that's about to change with this incredible new three tracker.


  • Tides EP [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1740(税込)
    Date: 2016/11/14

    ロンドンの人気レーベル<Delusions Of Grandeur>から<Voyeurhythm>を率いる当地の気鋭プロデューサーBenjamin Sun最高の新作が登場!!ディスコ/ハウス横断DJsマスト・チェック!!


    A1. Full Moon
    B1. Star Ritual
    B2. Glass Waves

    Ben Sun on the iconic Delusions of Grandeur (their 54th release no less!). "Full Moon" rolls out some loose and sloppy house vibes, iced with funky sax goodness and looped up for extra pleasure. As the sax line dies off a gurgling, technicoloured synth wash comes charging in, ushering a change of direction as this narcotic number powers on. "Star Ritual" should keep any basement / backroom party burning with its hypnotic congas, tape-delayed artifacts and rich rhythmic content. Finally, "Glass Waves" sends ripples of excitement across any sophisticated dancefloor with its glorious sounds, anthemic licks and spine-tingling chord progression. Wonderful stuff!

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  • Ben Sun / Fall Upon You

    Love Fever Records [UK]

    Fall Upon You [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2014/04/26

    <Love Fever Records>第6弾としてBen Sun待望の新作が登場!!Ltd.500!!

    イースト・ロンドンのアンダーグラウンド・パーティーから派生した同名レーベル<Love Fever Records>第6弾として、<Voyeurhythm>を率いる当地の精鋭プロデューサーBenjamin Sunが待望の新作をリリース!!UK次世代ハウス・レーベル<Murmur>を主宰するオージー気鋭Mic Newmanと共作となる霧がかったアトモスフィアに包み込まれるLarry Heardインフルエンスなモダン・ディープ・ハウス傑作A面"Fall From You"に加え、同じヴォイス・サンプルを使ったよりシカゴ・マナーのハットを効かせたアナザー・ヴァージョン的なB面"Shadow Dance"をカップリング!!限定500枚プレスかつショート入荷につき、お見逃しなく!!

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  • Ben Sun / Love Momentum EP

    Delusions Of Grandeur [UK]

    Love Momentum EP [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1290(税込)
    Date: 2013/07/07

    ロンドン新星Benjamin Sunが<Delusions Of Grandeur>から新作をリリース!!

    リプレス!!ロンドンの鉄板地下ディスコ・レーベル<Voyeurhythm>からデビューした当地の新星Benjamin Sunがお馴染み人気レーベル<Delusions Of Grandeur>から新作をリリース!!Moodymann名作"Black Mahogani"と同ネタのLonnie Liston Smithをサンプルしたスモーカーズ・ディライトなジャズ・ファンキッシュ・ビートダウンA面"You Should Know Better"に加え、Luther Vandrossがプロデュースを手掛けたAretha Franklin?によるディスコ・ヒット"Jump To It"アカペラを塗したMr.Fingersを彷彿とさせるディープ・ハウス傑作B1"Yesterlife"が特にオススメ!!Joey Negro、Jacques Renault、Cottamチャートイン!!

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  • Ben Sun / Path Of Non

    Voyeurhythm [UK]

    Path Of Non [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1290(税込)
    Date: 2013/07/11

    当店注目新興レーベル<Voyeurhythm>第7弾!!incl.Deep Space Orchestra Rmx!!

    ディスコ/ビートダウン/ディープ・ハウスまで幅広い人気を誇る当店注目新興レーベル<Voyeurhythm>第7弾リリース!!今作は当レーベル中核新進気鋭Benjamin Sunによる単独デビュー・シングルで、渦巻くフィメール・ヴォイス・サンプルにエモーティヴなアナログ・シンセが鮮やかに展開するエピック・ディープ・ハウス・ウエポンA面オリジナルに加え、主要レーベルを軒並み制覇してきている時のユニットDeep Space Orchestra(Chris Barker & Simon Murray)手掛けるオリジナル・マテリアルを周到したよりシカゴ/デトロイト・カラーが滲んだリミックスもエース!!

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  • Put Your Hands Together [Jacket]


    Put Your Hands Together


    Tracklist: A1. Spirit B1. Spirit (Zaf & Phil Asher Edit) Description: The 12 minute self-titled original track is... [more]

  • Warm [Jacket]

    Ron Trent



    Tracklist: A1. Night Ride B1. On A Journey B2. Exhale ここ最近では<Electric Blue>や<MusicandPower>からのリリースが... [more]

  • Tala [Jacket]

    Jay Daniel



    Tracklist: A1. Shining A2. Rapture A3. Lilith B1. Sundance B2. Cherubim C1. Aja C2. Nestra D1. Qalbi D2. Razi D3. La... [more]

  • Max Rambhojan [Jacket]

    Max Rambhojan

    Max Rambhojan


    Tracklist: A1. Tou't Jou Pa Min A2. Tou't Jou Pa Min (1992 Version) B1. Cecilia B2. On Jou Matin Guadeloupe 1986. T... [more]

  • Make It Scream / Night Time [Jacket]


    Make It Scream / Night Time


    Tracklist: A1. Make It Scream B1. Night Time 「昨年CockTail d'Amore MusicからリリースされたMagic incl.The Backwoods... [more]

  • Perlas & Conchas [Jacket]


    Perlas & Conchas


    Femina channels blissed out, harmony-soaked soul music with a purpose. Lyrically poignant with hip hop and Latin infl... [more]

  • El Camino de Leda [Jacket]


    El Camino de Leda


    「チャンチャビア・シルキート、ニコラ・クルス以降を感じさせるプロダクションと、ブエノス郊外でイスラという小さなエレク... [more]

  • 'Echoes' is the Ethno-Wave love child of collaborators Frank Harris & Maria Marquez. A collection of sublime songs da... [more]

  • On M'Atttend La - Bas (Funky French League Remixes) [Jacket]

    Veronique Sanson

    On M'Atttend La - Bas (Funky French League Remixes)


    Tracklist: A1. On m'attend la-bas (FFL Remix) A2. On m'attend la-bas (FFL Remix Instrumental) B1. On m'attend la-bas... [more]

  • Keep Coming Remixes [Jacket]

    Amp Dog Knights

    Keep Coming Remixes


    Tracklist: A1. Keep Coming (Jayda G Remix) A2. Keep Coming (Jahn Cloud & Meftah Remix) B1. Keep Coming (Julian Dyne ... [more]

  • Essential Selections Vol. 2 [Jacket]

    Marsellus Pittman & Theo Parrish

    Essential Selections Vol. 2


    デトロイト・ビートダウン最強グループ3 Chairsのメンバーとしても活躍する鬼才Theo ParrishとMarcellus Pittmanの2人が'02年... [more]

  • D.Atlien EP [Jacket]


    D.Atlien EP


    Moodymann率いる<Mahogani Music>ファミリーで自身主宰<La Vida>も大人気なデトロイト・ソウルマンAndresによる注目の新作が... [more]

  • Always Did, Always Will [Jacket]


    Always Did, Always Will


    Tracklist: A1. Always Did, Always Will B1. Shadow (Standing In The Corner) ソウルフルでディープな作風の傑作ハウスを... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Club Mix A2. Club Instrumental Mix B1. Dub Mix B2. Holding On (Dub Instrumental) Description: Two ... [more]

  • Better Days EP [Jacket]

    Paxton Fettel

    Better Days EP


    Tracklist: A1. Burning A2. This Love (Get Over It) A3. Faster On Fire B1. Better Days B2. Flavias Silver Silhouette ... [more]

  • From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol.1 [Jacket]


    From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol.1


    Tracklist: A1. Aquatrak (Fm Am Mix) B1. Amerikadegari (453-459 Mix) B2. Hurricane (Purple Mix) Telephones is back! ... [more]

  • Quantum Experience [Jacket]

    Open Spaces

    Quantum Experience


    Tracklist: A1. Neuro State "Dance To The House" A2. Sisters Maso "Erotic Holidays Packet (Open Spaces Mix)" A3. Hand... [more]

  • Ritual EP [Jacket]


    Ritual EP


    Tracklist: A1. You Made Me Who I Am B1. The Ritual Description: RISE MUSIC returns with the second instalment aft... [more]

  • Kalimba (Calypso Edit) [Jacket]


    Kalimba (Calypso Edit)


    Tracklist: A1. Kalimba (Calypso Edit) This limited edition, single-sided salvo sees Fly By Night boss Lorenzo Bande... [more]

  • Hypertension / Ritmo Latino [Jacket]


    Hypertension / Ritmo Latino


    Tracklist: A1. Hypertension (Hotmood Edit) A2. Hypertension (Original) B1. Ritmo Latino (Voodoocuts Rework) B2. Ritm... [more]

  • Tshilidzi / Si Ya Jola [Jacket]


    Tshilidzi / Si Ya Jola


    Tracklist: A1. Thsilidzi B1. Si Ya Jola Banging kwaito double sider! Two of the best tracks pressed on a 12 - Nice... [more]

  • Back To Disco Valley Vol. III [Jacket]

    Full Circle

    Back To Disco Valley Vol. III


    Tracklist: A1. Age Of Time B1. Pure Pose Some five years on from their last outing as Full Circle, Joakim and Alexi... [more]

  • Mystic Warrior E.P [Jacket]


    Mystic Warrior E.P


    Tracklist: A1. Mystic Warrior A2. Elements B1. Worries In The Dance B2. Earth People 4 tracks, 2 bangers: D.K. star... [more]

  • Africa [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Africa A2. Africa (TvFrom86 Edit) B1. Africa (Dan Shake's Disco Dub) B2. Africa (Folamour Remix) De... [more]

  • The Pasta EP [Jacket]

    DJ Rocca

    The Pasta EP


    Tracklist: A1. Spaghetti A2. Fusilli B1.Penne B2. Spaghetti / Fusilli (DJ Fett Birger's Capcapcapcapcapcap Remix) ... [more]

  • Words Can't Explain [Jacket]

    Hidden Spheres

    Words Can't Explain


    Tracklist: A1. Words Can't Explain A2. Words Can't Explain (Instrumental) B1. Words Can't Explain (Yu Su Remix) Man... [more]

  • Think (About) [Jacket]

    Eddie C

    Think (About)


    Tracklist: A1. Think (About It) B1. Hot Hands Description: Eddie C fires up the hot rod for the 19th road trip...... [more]

  • The Sweetest Meditation Remixes [Jacket]

    Lord Echo

    The Sweetest Meditation Remixes


    Tracklist: A1. The Sweetest Meditation (Club Mix) A2. The Sweetest Meditation (Original Mix) B1. The Sweetest Medita... [more]

  • Just Do You [Jacket]

    Lord Echo

    Just Do You


    ニュージーランドが誇る天才プロデューサー/マルチ・プレイヤーMike Fablous率いる人気プロジェクトLord Echoが来年2017年に... [more]

  • Love Just Keeps On Coming [Jacket]

    Elite Soul feat. Tito Love

    Love Just Keeps On Coming


    Tracklist: A1. Guitar Afficionado Pop Mix B1. Funk Defacto Rnb Mix Under exclusive license from Goldschool Records,... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Enchanted B1. Enchanted (WTN North London Dub) Love for the music should be the driving force of any... [more]

  • Paris Edits Vol.6 [Jacket]

    Young Pulse

    Paris Edits Vol.6


    Tracklist: A1. Ruff Times B1. U Must Have Known Description: The sixth edition of Paris Edits is here and Young P... [more]

  • Relmer International [Jacket]

    Relmer International

    Relmer International


    Tracklist: A1. Bluff Dance A2. Nightingale B1. Paraiso B2. Wokota Upcoming Amsterdam-based DJ, producer and new kid... [more]

  • Powder In Space (CD) [Jacket]


    Powder In Space (CD)


    Powder In Space marks the first in a new series exploring dance music’s form and informality from Tim Sweeney’s Bea... [more]

  • AOR Global Sounds Vol. 4 (1977-1986) [Jacket]


    AOR Global Sounds Vol. 4 (1977-1986)


    Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice proudly present the 4th edition of the AOR Global Sounds compilations series:... [more]

  • Midnight In Tokyo Vol.3 [Jacket]


    Midnight In Tokyo Vol.3


    midnight in tokyo is a compilation series that aims to be the perfect companion to nights in tokyo, collecting tracks... [more]

  • Land [Jacket]




    「DJ CMTによる別名義アンビエント?プロジェクト"CHAM"。 CHAMの作品は、活火山の森の中での生活や、精霊の住む山の麓のス... [more]

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