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  • Sacred Weapon [Jacket]

    Format: CD
    Price: ¥1500(税込)
    Date: 2013/08/26

    人気パーティー「Audi.」を主催するSonic Weapon最新ミックスCD!!もれなくパワー・レコメンド!!

    ここ名古屋Club Magoを拠点にLarry Heard、Madlib、Moodymann、Kenny Dope、Theo Parrish、Andres、Malik Pittman、Glenn Underground、Kai Alce、Alton Miller、Ian Friday等、錚々たる顔ぶれを迎え開催している人気パーティー「Audi.」を主催するSonic WeaponことTabooが前作「Audi.sco 2」から約2年振りとなる新作ミックスCDを<Mago Recordings>からリリース!!今作は愛して止まないコンテンポラリーでブラックネスなディープ・ハウス・ミュージックを軸に日本屈指のサウンドを誇るClub Magoで体感することができる「Audi.」の時空間をそのままパッケージングしたかの様に塩梅絶妙な展開をエモーショナルに紡いだグッド・ヴァイブレーションに満ち溢れたグレイテスト・ミックス!!もれなくパワー・レコメンド!!


  • Audi.sco 2 [Jacket]


    Format: CD
    Price: ¥1500(税込)
    Date: 2011/07/21

    Audi.sco 2 by Sonic Weapon遂にリリース!!

    盟友Cos/MesのFlaticが主宰する<Sound More>よりリリースされたメロウネスな傑作メルト系ミックスCD「Taboo」から約1年、Sonic Weaponによる日々更新し続けている音楽への飽くなき姿を違う角度から切り取った最新ミックスが遂にリリース!!あらゆるジャンルのホットでクールなヴァイナルを掘りまくり続けている真のミュージック・ラバー名古屋の人気Club Magoのレギュラー・パーティーAudi.を主宰するミュージック・モンスターDJ Sonic Weaponのリアルな今をたっぷりなエモーションと共に詰め込んだ「Audi.sco」シリーズ最新作として登場!!心踊りだすディープ・ハウスで幕を開け、ディスコ、ソウル、ファンク、R&BへとジャンルやBPMに縛られず曲の持つテンションそのものを何よりも大切にし、新旧、そして有名無名に囚われない選曲で、敢えてラフでゆるりとした流れのドラマを展開させた聴き心地満点な内容!!艶やかな極上ダンス・ミュージック・タイムをご堪能下さい!!


  • Sonic Weapon / Sound More Vol.015 - Taboo

    Sound More [JPN]

    Sound More Vol.015 - Taboo [Jacket]

    Format: CD
    Price: ¥1365(税込)
    Date: 2010/05/26

    Flatic手掛ける<Sound More>シリーズ新作!!Taboo!!

    Lovefingers主宰<ESP Institute>からワールドワイド・リリースも決まってるCos/MesのFlatic手掛ける<Sound More>シリーズ最新作2作同時に到着!!こちらはどうしても聴いて欲しい知ってもらいたい当店所属Jaguar PとClub Magoにて《Audi.》を主宰する人生を音楽/パーティーに捧げた男Sonic WeaponことTaboo!!Flaticも所属するGCRU幹部総動員のリスニング大会の末ようやく完成させたある人にとっては宝物になり得る珠玉のミックス!!マスタリングはCos/Mesの5iveが担当!!諸手を上げて推薦させて頂きます!!

    Sold Out


  • Hugo Fattoruso Y Barrio Opa [Jacket]

    Hugo Fattoruso

    Hugo Fattoruso Y Barrio Opa


    London based Brazilian specialists Far Out Recordings venture further out to Uruguay to record a new album with fusio... [more]

  • It's A World Before You [Jacket]

    Kaidi Tatham

    It's A World Before You


    Dego & Kaidiでお馴染みロンドン・フューチャー・ブラック代表する天才プロデューサーKaidi Tathamによる最新アルバムが傑作E... [more]

  • Think (About It) - Remixes [Jacket]

    Barbara Tucker

    Think (About It) - Remixes


    Tracklist: A1. Mike Dunn BlackBall Main Mixx B1. Spen & Thommy House Party Mix B2. Spen & Thommy Summer Of Dub Des... [more]

  • Nu Soul Era EP [Jacket]

    System Of Survival

    Nu Soul Era EP


    イビザのモンスター・パーティー「Circo Loco」のレジデントを務め、レーベル<Ianus71>を主宰するスパニッシュ・デュオSystem... [more]

  • Holiday Time [Jacket]

    Cab Driver

    Holiday Time


    Tracklist: A1. Holiday Time feat. Chez Damier B1. Holiday Time (Dub) Description: Chez Damier plus Cab Drivers be... [more]

  • RAD-LUDD2 [Jacket]

    General Ludd



    Tracklist: A1. Marraskuu A2. Restaint B1. Catastrophe B2. Hit Count Gen Ludd are Glasgow-based Rich McMaster (Golde... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Higher! (Feat. Erik Rico) A2. Escape Through Time B1. Higher! (Byron The Aquarius Remix) B2. Spirit O... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Butterflies (Tribe Vocal Mix) A2. Butterflies (Tribestrumental) B1. Butterflies (Dub Mix) B2. Butterf... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Dim's TSOP Version - Dimitri from Paris Glitterbox Retouch B1. Tom Moulton Philly Re-Grooved Remix ... [more]

  • Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 24 [Jacket]


    Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 24


    Tracklist: A1. So Happy A2. Without Me B1. Somebody To Love Description: As usual, mega limited, so get those or... [more]

  • Substance Select Vol.1 [Jacket]


    Substance Select Vol.1


    Tracklist: A1. The Reynolds "Summer Came My Way (Luxxury Club Mix) A2. Oddfellow's Casino "The Ghosts Of Watling Str... [more]

  • Sierrra 01 [Jacket]


    Sierrra 01


    Tracklist: A1. Pueblo B1. Discoteca Description: Inaugurating a new and mysterious label is Sierrra. Sexy latin h... [more]

  • Motorcity Wine Recordings #2 [Jacket]


    Motorcity Wine Recordings #2


    Tracklist: A1. Haz Mat "Music & Wine" A2. Kuumba Reunion Band "3 Fingered Fist (Jabbar)" B1. Aroop Roy "You Know" B2... [more]

  • Magic Arp [Jacket]


    Magic Arp


    Tracklist: A1. Yoga On E A2. Tokyo Breaks B1. Magic Arpz B2. Ezoteric Massage (eXXXtented Pleasure Mix) Descripti... [more]

  • Presents A Taste Of Chicago Sampler [Jacket]

    Jamie 3:26

    Presents A Taste Of Chicago Sampler


    Tracklist: A1. Calendar "Comin' On Strong (Jamie 3:26 Edit)" B1. Braxton Holmes presents CabriniGreens and Cornbread... [more]

  • The Tantra [Jacket]

    Gemini Jazz

    The Tantra


    重鎮シカゴ・ハウス・プロデューサーRon Trentが主宰するマスト・レーベル<MusicandPower>より昨年リリースされたレジェンダ... [more]

  • Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Special Advanced Edition Vol.2 Vinyl 1 [Jacket]

    Joaquin Joe Clausell

    Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Special Advanced Edition Vol.2 Vinyl 1


    Tracklist: A1. Keep on Moving A2. You Can't Just Smile it Away B1. You Control Me B2. Hueluberlu Originally release... [more]

  • Vedit 04 [Jacket]


    Vedit 04


    Tracklist: A1. Untitled A2. Untitled B1. Untitled Having dazzled disco lovers via a trio of sold-out 10" singles, t... [more]

  • Children of The Sky [Jacket]

    Giorgia Morandi

    Children of The Sky


    Tracklist: A1. Original Instrumental - Remastered B1. Francisco Dub Edit Hell Yeah Recordings are pleased to announ... [more]

  • Yen Ara Remixes Part 1 [Jacket]

    Ebo Taylor

    Yen Ara Remixes Part 1


    Tracklist: A1. Krumandey (Ron Trent Remix) B1. Mumudey Mumudey (Natureboy Flako Remix) B2. Mumudey Mumudey (Nick The... [more]

  • Early Tape Works (1986-1993) Vol.2 [Jacket]

    Kuniyuki Takahashi

    Early Tape Works (1986-1993) Vol.2


    Tracklist: A1. Island A2. Your Home A3. Asia A4. Echoes of The Past B1. Ai Iro B2. Sakura No Mizu B3. Imagination ... [more]

  • Exodus 8 [Jacket]

    Pepe Bradock

    Exodus 8


    Tracklist: A1. Is This Really A Party? B1. Grandgousier Publicity-shy Parisian Pepe Bradock is more than worthy of ... [more]

  • They're Coming / Safe Place [Jacket]

    Delano Smith

    They're Coming / Safe Place


    Tracklist: A1. They're Coming B1. Safe Place Given his longevity and productivity, we were rather surprised to find... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Din Ting A2. Leverer Litt Sjel B1. Lunsj Pa Gronland B2. Lordag Kveld B3. Slikker Sol Description: ... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Marthe Zambo "Alu" B1. Sonny Okosuns "My Ancestors" Hello Sailor Recordings 5th release features two... [more]

  • Lokier & The Machine [Jacket]

    Lokier & The Machine

    Lokier & The Machine


    Tracklist: A1. White Room A2. Stained Glass B1. Pearly Hate B2. Red Floor Danny McLewin (Psychemagik) and Jamie Cru... [more]

  • Azambuja & Cia [Jacket]

    Azambuja & Cia

    Azambuja & Cia


    In 1975, the prolific and multi-talented Brazilian comedians Chico Anysio and Arnaud Rodrigues recorded an album base... [more]

  • Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos [Jacket]

    Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos

    Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos


    Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos is Anysio and Rodrigues’ satire on Brazil’s Tropicalia movement. Having a friendly crack... [more]

  • I Would Die For You [Jacket]

    Lil' Dave

    I Would Die For You


    Tracklist: A1. I Would Die for You B1. Red Car Chop B2. Cryin' Doves Description: Lil'dave is a Philadelphia-bas... [more]

  • TV Totem 1+2 [Jacket]


    TV Totem 1+2


    Tracklist: A1. TV Totem 1 (Part 1) A2. TV Totem 2 (Part 2) B1. TV Totem 1 (Part 2) B2. TV Totem 2 (Part 1) Descrip... [more]

  • Special [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Special (A Special Edit) B1. Special Description: BEER is back. And their fourth release is a spec... [more]

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