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  • Auntie Flo / For Mihaly EP

    Highlife [UK]

    For Mihaly EP [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2017/07/13

    ゴア出身ロンドン在住の気鋭プロデューサーAuntie Flo名盤2ndアルバムから注目のリミックス・シングル・カット最終章となる第4弾が登場!!ノルウェーの奇才DJ Sotofett手掛けるIdjut Boys作品をも凌駕すると言っても過言ではないトビが効きまくりのA1リミックスが凄すぎました!!


    A1. For Mihaly (DJ Sotofett's Midtempo Matrix Mix)
    B1. For Mihaly (Live Version ft Laurie Pitt)
    B2. For Mihaly (Reprise)

    In the final chapter of the 'Theory of Flo' story, we've enlisted the services of the mighty DJ Sotofett to remix the closing track 'For Mihaly', and what a job he's done! Dark, weird and percussive - just how we like it. We also include brand new versions featuring occasional live drummer, Laurie Pitt and a reprise with Poppy Ackroyd.

    Remixed & reproduced by DJ SOTOFETT at WANIA#1.
    Guitar solo by JEKS.
    Synthesizers, Percussion & Programming by DJ SOTOFETT
    Percussion & Violin by Laurie Pitt and Poppy Ackroyd

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  • Auntie Flo / Theory of Flo Remixes Part 3

    Highlife [UK]

    Theory of Flo Remixes Part 3 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2017/07/13

    ゴア出身ロンドン在住の気鋭プロデューサーAuntie Flo名盤2ndアルバムから注目のリミックス・シングル・カット第3弾が登場!!中でも<L.I.E.S.>からもリリースするモスクワの気鋭Leonid Lipelisによるリミックスが最高にグレイトな仕上がり!!


    A1. So In Love (Kornel Kovacs Remix)
    A2. Dreamer (Throwing Shade Remix)
    B1. Dance Ritual II (Lipselis Dream Dance Remix)


    Next up in the series of remixes for Auntie Flo's acclaimed 'Theory of Flo' LP, we've employed the services of our buddies from Stockholm, London and Russia in the form of Kornel Kovacs, Throwing Shade and Lipelis respectively. Each of them have done an amazing job turning each track into something very special, as we're sure you'll agree...

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  • Auntie Flo / Highlife 011

    Highlife [UK]

    Highlife 011 [Jacket]


    Format: 10"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2017/02/24

    Ricardo Villalobosにフックアップされ一躍脚光を集めたゴア出身ロンドン在住の気鋭プロデューサーAuntie Flo名盤2ndアルバムから注目のリミックス・シングル・カットが登場!!incl.Superb Mark E / Africaine 808 Rmxs!!


    A1. Su La Feat. Shingai (In Love Version)
    B1. Mandela In Space (Mark E Version)
    B2. Dance Ritual II (Africaine 808 Remix)

    Having been shortlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year? award, we follow up 'Theory of Flo' with some stellar remixes from friends and associates. Next up in the series, we've employed the services of our Berlin buddies, Africaine 808 and a long time favourite producer of ours, Mark E; who have each delivered a blinder. Auntie Flo himself tops things off with a brand new version of the album opener primed for the dancefloor. Released on vinyl courtesy of Highlife x Huntleys + Palmers in October.

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  • Remixes [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/08/08

    Ricardo Villalobosにフックアップされ一躍脚光を集めた現在はロンドン在住のゴア出身プロデューサー才人Auntie Floが昨年リリースした2ndアルバムから注目のリミックス・シングル・カットが登場!!


    A1. Waiting For A (Women) (The Revenge Rework)
    A2. Hewal3 (Cain Remix)
    B1. Cape Malay Prayer (Mehmet Aslan Remix)

    Having been recently shortlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year award, we follow up 'Theory of Flo' with some stellar remixes from friends and associates. First up HIGHLIFE label mates, Mehmet Aslan and CAIN deliver the goods on Cape Malay Prayer and Hewal3 - as to be expected. What wasn't planned was this sublime rework by The Revenge. We felt so precious about Waiting For A (Woman) - convinced that the original was too good to be tampered with - until an unexpected turn of events brought our fellow Glaswegian (and SAY nominee) to the controls, resulting in a sophisticated rework for the dancefloor - who better really when you think about it?!

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  • Auntie Flo / Highlife Edits

    Highlife [UK]

    Highlife Edits [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1590(税込)
    Date: 2013/12/18

    ゴア出身グラスゴー在住新星Auntie Flo注目の新作!!ヴァイナル・オンリー!!Ltd.!!

    '11年に<Huntleys & Palmers>第1弾としてリリースした衝撃のデビュー・シングルがRicardo Villalobosによるパワー・プレイでも大きな話題となったゴア出身グラスゴー在住新星Auntie Floが自身が手掛けていると思わしき新興レーベル<Highlife>から新作をドロップ!!ポリリズミックなトライバル4/4ビートにアーシーなアフロ・チャントが展開するハウス/テクノ/ディスコをクロスオーバーしてシークレット・ウエポンになり得るアフリカン・ミニマル・ハウス傑作A面"Doodle"に、同じくトラディショナルなアフリカン・リズム/ブードゥー・チャントを引用したヒプノティックなベースラインも強力にグルーヴするB面"Lumbalu"のスパーヴネス・ダブル・サイダー!!ヴァイナル・オンリー限定プレスにつき、お見逃しなく!!

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  • Rituals [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1390(税込)
    Date: 2013/05/21

    ゴア出身グラスゴー在住新星Auntie Flo新作がオススメ!!

    UK新興レーベル<Huntleys & Palmers>からリリースしたデビュー作がRicardo Villalobosにもパワー・プレイされ注目を集めたゴア出身グラスゴー在住新星Auntie Floがご存知日本を代表するダンス・ミュージック・レーベル<Mule Musiq>から登場!!軽快にリズミカルなトラックに柔らかなマリンバの音色とピアノそしてヴォーカルを絡めジャジーかつエレガントに展開するレイト90sに隆盛した<Spiritual Life>や<Ibadan>リヴァイヴァルを予見するアフロ・リチュアル・ディープ・ハウス傑作A面"Kisumu"がまずグレイテスト!!そしてスリリングな緊張感が漂う厳かなスピリチュアル・アフロ・ミニマルB面"Mela"も要チェック!!

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  • Auntie Flo / Goan Highlife EP

    Huntleys & Palmers [UK]

    Goan Highlife EP [Jacket]


    Format: 10"
    Price: ¥1590(税込)
    Date: 2011/05/02

    期待の新興レーベル<Huntleys & Palmers>第1弾!!

    ラスト・ストック確保!!これまでにSilver Applesをはじめ、Daniele Baldelli、James Holden、Four Tet、Oni Ayhun、James Pants等多岐に渡ってブッキングをしてきたパーティー・プロモーターが手掛ける期待の新興レーベル<Huntleys & Palmers>第1弾リリースが絶対要チェック!!インドはゴア出身グラスゴー在住の新鋭Auntie Floによるデビュー・シングルで、既にRicardo Villalobosがパワー・プレイしているというのも頷けるアフロ・チャントを大胆にサンプルしたトライバル・ハウス傑作A面その名も"Highlife"に、南アフリカのダンス音楽クワイトのリズムを取り入れた鮮烈なトロピカル・ステッパーB面その名も"Goa"のスパーヴ・ダブル・サイダー!!<Huntleys & Palmers>に新人Auntie Flo今後も期待大!!

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  • Amp Dog Knights [Jacket]

    Amp Fiddler

    Amp Dog Knights


    デトロイト・ミュージック・カルチャーの生き証人、シンガーソングライター、伊達男AMP Dog KnightsことAMP FiddlerによるLou... [more]

  • Baby Steps EP [Jacket]

    Theo Parrish

    Baby Steps EP


    デトロイト鬼才Theo Parrishがデトロイト出身のミニマル・ハウス旗手Daniel Bell主宰<Elevate>より'96年にリリースした最初期... [more]

  • The Player [Jacket]

    First Choice

    The Player


    Tracklist: A1. The Player B1. The Player (Mike Maurro Remix) The recent slew of perfectly pressed disco reissues co... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Equinox (Heavenly Club Mix) B1. Equinox (Total Eclipse Of The Dub) B2. Equinox (The Original Concept)... [more]

  • GU Essentials [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    GU Essentials


    Tracklist: A1. Trancing (Get On Down) A2. Detroitism B1. SJU B2. Mello Blo "Trancing" kicks us off with patented GU... [more]

  • Spark The Universe [Jacket]


    Spark The Universe


    Tracklist: A1. Spark The Universe (Dance Mix) A2. Spark The Universe (Dub Mix) B1. Spark The Universe (Chuggy's Disc... [more]

  • Lost & Found EP [Jacket]

    Young Seth & Omar S

    Lost & Found EP


    Tracklist A1. Young Seth & Omar S "Deep (CDV 2006 Mix)" B1. Young Seth & Omar S "Detroit After Midnight" B2. Young S... [more]

  • Voodoohop Entropia 1.5 [Jacket]


    Voodoohop Entropia 1.5


    「Shhhhh主催レーベル、El Folclore Paradoxの第二弾です。いよいよ、サンパウロのパーティ・コレクティヴ、VOODOOHOPのコン... [more]

  • Hot To Trot [Jacket]


    Hot To Trot


    Tracklist: A1. Don't Care A2. You Can't Play That B1. I Can Be You B2. Raw Data Description: Recently on fire wit... [more]

  • Barny [Jacket]

    Kay Zee



    Tracklist: A1. Barny B1. Barny (Fuga Ronto Rework) Let’s join us on another trip to Phantom Island: The 9th releas... [more]

  • Sabi (Get Down) [Jacket]

    Okyerema Asante

    Sabi (Get Down)


    Tracklist: A1. Sabi (Get Down) B1. That's My Girl Discription: The Kalita crew step up with another finely chosen... [more]

  • Silent [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Silent B1. Silent (Khidja Remix) Silent is the new single by Miruna Boruzescu aka Borusiade from Buc... [more]

  • First Light [Jacket]

    Earth Patterns

    First Light


    Tracklist: A1. Sunflower A2. Horus Rising A3. Fourth Axis (Instrumental) B1. Transit Pan B2. After The Rain B3. Eigh... [more]

  • ODEA9E4FF [Jacket]

    Unknown Artist



    2017年度サマー・アンセムの呼び声が高かった前作も好事家を中心に好評を集めた過去作に軒並みプレミアが付いているヴァイナ... [more]

  • Beauty & Simplicity Vol 2 [Jacket]

    Allstarr Motomusic & Sarignia Bonfa

    Beauty & Simplicity Vol 2


    これまでAnthony NicholsonにTrinidadian Deepによるリミックスをフィーチャーして各方面から注目を集めてきたスイスはチュー... [more]

  • Mountain 014 [Jacket]

    The Mountain People

    Mountain 014


    Ricardo Villalobosをはじめ、Daniel Bell、Cassy他、4つ打ちクロスオーバーに絶大な支持を受けてきたスイスの才人The Mounta... [more]

  • Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix) [Jacket]

    Agnes Obel

    Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix)


    Tracklist: A1. Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix) B1. Stretch Your Eyes (Ambient Acapella) Quiet Village are t... [more]

  • Theme From S-Express [Jacket]


    Theme From S-Express


    Tracklisting: A1. Theme Form S-Express (Tuff City Kids Remix) B1. Theme Form S-Express (Detlef Remix) B2 Theme Form ... [more]

  • Gloria [Jacket]

    Earl Jeffers



    Tracklist: A1. Gloria A2. Pleasure Signal B1. Return To Forever Pt. 1 B2. Return To Forever Pt. 2 Earl has been wit... [more]

  • Wounded Woman [Jacket]

    Sandra Wright

    Wounded Woman


    Sandra Wright was an incredibly powerful Soul singer who was born in Memphis and later based in Nashville. She had jo... [more]

  • Below inc. The Backwoods Remix [Jacket]


    Below inc. The Backwoods Remix


    Tracklist: A1. Below B1. Below (The Backwoods Remix) Description: TBD, the decade-old project from Doug Lee (An-i... [more]

  • Shango EP [Jacket]


    Shango EP


    <Mahogani Music>ファミリーRandolphをフィーチャーしたChurch Boy Lou名義でのハウス作品も好評を博したJ Dillaの郷友であり... [more]

  • Maccheroni / Aula [Jacket]

    DJ Rocca

    Maccheroni / Aula


    Tracklist: A1. Maccheroni A2. Maccheroni (Eric Duncan Mix) 試聴ファイル1曲目 B1. Aula B2. Aula (Black Spuma Remix) ... [more]

  • Anuug Anunga / Baila Mi Ritmo [Jacket]


    Anuug Anunga / Baila Mi Ritmo


    Tracklist: A1. Anung Anunga B1. Baila Mi Ritmo Description: Originally released on a promo-only limited edition s... [more]

  • MIKE FEEL LOVE [Jacket]

    Mike Simonetti



    Tracklist: A1. Mike Feel Love B1. Midnight Or Late Afternoon Not only is mike "father of the year", but he also has... [more]

  • Red Rocks [Jacket]

    Paolo Martini

    Red Rocks


    Tracklist: A1. Red Rocks B1. Le Fonque Description: Industry veteran Paolo Martini is next to join the Emerald Ci... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Angel Dust B1. Turn Me On Description: Over the past five years Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold... [more]

  • Aouta Gabon EP [Jacket]

    Toby Tobias

    Aouta Gabon EP


    Tracklist: A1. Aouta Gabon B1. House On The Hill Resista is back for number 10 and this time we welcome Toby Tobias... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. You Call That Love? B1. Slow Down Description: Just like buses, you wait for one, then two come at... [more]

  • Brasileira [Jacket]

    Maria Rita



    An original copy of the Brasileira LP by Brazilian singer Maria Rita Stumpf has been on top of collectors' and music ... [more]

  • Not_01 [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Artisan Strings A2. Heya Jam A3. Red Jo B1. Untitled Energy B2. Beat Turn Discription: Allegedly f... [more]

  • Hey Drum / The Truth [Jacket]


    Hey Drum / The Truth


    Tracklist: A1. Hey Drum B1. The Truth Description: Dan Snaith's 27-track Fabriclive bounty just keeps on giving. ... [more]

  • Music For Cats Vol. 2 [Jacket]


    Music For Cats Vol. 2


    Tracklist: A1. Bara Bara B1. The Road Is Hard Description: Milano producer Turbojazz is back on GAMM with 'Food F... [more]

  • Real Sucker For Your Love [Jacket]

    Hugh Mane

    Real Sucker For Your Love


    Tracklist: A1. Real Sucker For Your Love B1. The Way Of The Gospels B2. Flight Cover Adult Contemporary welcomes U.... [more]

  • Jerusalem EP's [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    Jerusalem EP's


    先日復刻された'96年の傑作1stアルバム「Atmosfear」に続いて、シカゴ・ブラックフュージョン・ハウスの雄Glenn Underground... [more]

  • Invisible Starlight [Jacket]

    Universal Cave / The Beat Broker

    Invisible Starlight


    Tracklist: A1. Invisible Starlight (Universal Cave Edit) B1. Invisible Starlight (The Beat Broker Kind Dub) Invisib... [more]

  • Keep Holdin On [Jacket]

    Rick Poppa Howard

    Keep Holdin On


    Tracklist: A1. Keep Holding On A2. Keep Holding On (Remix) B1. Gimme That Love B2. Gimme That Love (Instrumental) ... [more]

  • Take Me Dancing [Jacket]

    AJL Band

    Take Me Dancing


    デトロイト鬼才Omar Sが主宰する<FXHE Records>より'79年にリリースされた誰も知らないであろうシンガポール産鬼レア・ブギー... [more]

  • Nonstop Retro House 2015 [Jacket]

    Kentaro Iwaki

    Nonstop Retro House 2015


    「過去リリース作品がほぼソールドアウト状態、毎回ご好評を頂いているNONSTOPMXIシリーズ第7弾は、昨今再評価の動きが著しい... [more]

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