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  • Dancin To Disco Dubs [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2017/12/05

    本当に東京からなのか気になるミステリアス・レーベル<Edit & Dub Record Tokyo Ltd.>最新第7弾がこれまたシークレット・ウエポン必至の未発表レア音源満載盤!!ディスコをプレイするすべてのDJsに超絶オススメ!!


    A1. Grey & Hanks "Dancin Disco Dub (Unreleased Disco Dub)"
    A2. Bernard Wright "Master Rocker (Unreleased Disco Dub)"
    B1. Melba Moore "Let's Dub Together (Unreleased Disco Dub)"
    B2. Giorgio Moroder "Valley Of The Dolls"


    Since launching at the tail end of 2015, Tokyo's Edit & Dub Recordings has released a string of rare and previously unheard remixes/re-edits from disco titans. There's further evidence of it here on their seventh edition of respectful edits. Back to PARADISE GARAGE with more unreleased rare boogie & classic Disco mixes featuring GREY & HANKS "DANCIN", "MASTER ROCKER" by BERNARD WRIGHT & MELBA MOORE's "LET'S DUB TOGETHER" plus a bonus B Side by GIORGIO MORODER!


  • Sylvester / Unreleased Disco Mixes

    Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd. [JPN]

    Unreleased Disco Mixes [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2017/06/14

    本当に東京からなのか気になるミステリアス・レーベル<Edit & Dub Record Tokyo Ltd.>最新第6弾!!Sylvester歴史的名作"Over & Over"の13分越えアルチメット・アンリリースド・ミックス収録!!LTD.!!


    A1. Over & Over
    B1. Grateful

    Since launching at the tail end of 2015, Tokyo's Edit & Dub Recordings has released a string of rare previously unheard remixes and re-edits from disco titans Tee Scott and Larry Levan. This time round, they've unearthed what they claim to be a couple of ludicrously rare, previously promo-only disco mixes of Sylvester cuts that first appeared in their native Japan in 1978. On the A-side, you'll find a brilliantly upbeat, expertly extended version of "Over & Over" that flips between periods of screaming release and low-slung, groove-based thrills. Flip for the horn-heavy thrills of "Grateful", where Sylvester's impassioned pleas ride a typically high-octane disco rhythm. It's the kind of driving workout that's guaranteed to get dancers sweating out on the floor.

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  • Edit & Dub / Tee Scott Unreleased V2

    Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd. [JPN]

    Tee Scott Unreleased V2 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2017/01/18

    気になるミステリアス・レーベル<Edit & Dub Record Tokyo Ltd.>からレジェンダリーDJ、Tee Scottが手掛けたプライベート・アンリリースド・ミックス12インチが再び登場!!Ltd.!!


    A1. Tamiko Jones "Can't Dub Without Your Love"
    A2. Sharon Paige "Tonight's Dub Night"
    A3. Damon Harris "It's Dub Music"

    EDIT & DUB keep pushing with Volume 2 in the TEE SCOTT UNRELEASED SERIES. Pay close attention and you'll notice these are private DJ versions that do not contain the main vocals of the original releases. These unreleased mixes focus on the hotness of the groove & never let it go! One-sided 12". Featuring the hot/expensive cut >> Tomiko Jones - Can't Live Without Your Love !!

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  • Edit & Dub / Vol. 4: Rareest Of The Rare

    Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd. [JPN]

    Vol. 4: Rareest Of The Rare [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/10/12

    気になるミステリアス・レーベル<Edit & Dub Record Tokyo Ltd.>からこれまた凄い逸品が登場しました!!incl.Original Love"Love Vista (Unreleased Larry Heard Instrumental Dub)"!!Ltd.!!

    今は亡きレジェンダリーDJ、Tee ScottやLarry Levan未発表リミックスをリリースしてきた気になるミステリアス・レーベル<Edit & Dub Record Tokyo Ltd.>からこれまた凄い逸品が登場しました!!中でもキモとなるのは、田島貴男率いる当時はバンド・ユニットだったOriginal Loveが'92年にリリースしたリミックス・アルバム「Sessions」及びライブ会場で発売していた限定12インチに収録されていた名曲"Love Vista"のLarry Heardによる傑作リミックスの何と未発表ヴァージョンA1"Love Vista (Unreleased Larry Heard Instrumental Dub)"に加え、Discogsにも登録されていないフロリダ産マイナー・オブスキュア・ディスコA2"Ouch (Dub Mix)"、そしてA3、The Joneses"Sugar Pie Guy (Unreleased Tee Scott Club Dub)"と、すべてこの盤でしか聴けない全3trksを搭載した超絶マスト盤となっております!!限定プレスにつき絶対にお見逃しなく!!

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  • MFSB / Francine McGee / NYC 1980 Special Disco Version

    Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd. [JPN]

    NYC 1980 Special Disco Version [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1840(税込)
    Date: 2016/03/10

    期待の復刻レーベル<Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd.>最新第3弾!!奇跡の未発表スペシャル・ディスコ・ヴァージョン!!

    A1. MFSB "Mysteries Of The World (Unreleased Disco Version)"
    A2.Francine McGee "Delirium (Unreleased Disco Version)"

    Tokyo's Edit & Dub Recordings seem to put a lot of thought into their releases. Their first two 12" singles boasted unreleased scalpel works from Tee Scott and Larry Levan respectively. Their latest missive is titled NYC 1980 Special Disco Version, and contains a pair of subtle period reworks of popular club smashers of the time. The A-side boasts a superb revision of MFSB's Philadelphia International classic "Mysteries Of The World", which wisely concentrates on the loose-but-tight groove and the original's deep, life-affirming synth lines. On the flip, Francine McGee's wild "Delirium" gets the scalpel treatment, with the un-credited editor making merry with the original's intense electronic piano solos, clipped guitars and stretched-out synthesizer lines.

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  • Unreleased Vol 2 [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2015/12/15

    <Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd.>第2弾として、ダンス・ミュージックの神様Larry Levanが手掛けたアンリリースド・ダブ・ヴァージョン集が登場!!Ltd.!!

    Continental Bathsをはじめ、Better DaysやZanzibar等、伝説のクラブでレジデントを務めてきたレジェンダリーDJ、Tee Scottによる未発表リミックスを放出した第1弾に続いて、ミステリアス・レーベル<Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd.>第2弾として、ダンス・ミュージックの神様Larry Levanが手掛けたアンリリースド・ダブ・ヴァージョン集が登場!!UKディスコ・ソウル・グループI-Levelが'82年にリリースした最大のヒット・ナンバー"Give Me"をはじめ、Earth, Wind & FireベーシストVerdine Whiteがプロデュースを手掛けたファンク・バンドPockets名盤1stアルバム冒頭を飾るタイトル・チューン"Come Go With Us"、そしてLarry Levan自身が関わったNYC Peech Boys代表曲のひとつ"Life Is Something Special"の使えるアカペラをカップリングした完全保存盤!!限定プレスにつき、お見逃しなく!!

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  • Unreleased One-Sided [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2015/09/01

    Larry Levan愛用のレジェンダリーDJ、Tee Scott未発表リミックスが謎のレーベルから登場!!Ltd.!!

    Continental Bathsをはじめ、Better DaysやZanzibar等、伝説のクラブでレジデントを務めてきたレジェンダリーDJ、Tee Scottによる未発表リミックスが<Edit & Dub Records Tokyo Ltd.>なる謎のレーベルから登場!!ブラジリアン大家Sergio Mendesによる'79年リリースのシカゴ・クラシック & DJ Harvey's Moist Top 51にも選出されている女性ヴォーカルのジャズ・ファンク・ディスコ・アンセムのエクステンドA1"I'll Tell You (Unreleased Extended Version)"に加え、代表曲"Looking Up To You"と同じく名盤アルバム「Love Conquers All」からシングル・カットされたMichael WycoffによるThe Loft古典でもある名作ディスコ・ファンク・チューンのダブ・リミックス・ヴァージョンA2"Diamond Dub"と、当時Larry Levanがプレイしていたという2発を搭載した強力盤!!

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  • Classy Dames [Jacket]

    Dimitri From Paris

    Classy Dames


    1万円近くのプレミアが付いていたこの超傑作タイトルが初回プレス以来、2年振りとなる待望のリプレス!!近年ディスコ・リエ... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Red Light B1. Red Light Dub With the theme of 'Quality House Music Never Betray', the label EUREKA! ... [more]

  • Paraiso '89 [Jacket]


    Paraiso '89


    Ari Goldman has always been good at digging up and reissuing little-known gems, though this may be his most obscure a... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Passage (Full Experience) B1. Passage (Astral Stroll) Description: Lars Bartkuhn has taken his ric... [more]

  • In A Corner Of Asia / Tous Les Jours [Jacket]

    Satoshi & Makoto

    In A Corner Of Asia / Tous Les Jours


    Tracklist: A1. In A Corner Of Asia B. Tous Les Jours Young Marco’s Safe Trip follow their dispatch of Japanese sib... [more]

  • Nicole (86 Spring And Summer Collection - Instrumental Images) [Jacket]

    Jun Fukamachi

    Nicole (86 Spring And Summer Collection - Instrumental Images)


    Back in the mid 1980s, Jun Fukamachi decided to establish his own label, Nicole. It didn't last very long. In fact, t... [more]

  • Reworked By Detroiters [Jacket]


    Reworked By Detroiters


    先行リリースされたMoodymannリミックスも最高だったGeorge Clinton率いるデトロイトのレジェンダリー・サイケ・ファンク・バ... [more]

  • Reggae Down [Jacket]


    Reggae Down


    Tracklist: A1. Reggae Down B1. Smile On Your Face Description: Kalita Records are proud to announce their third ... [more]

  • Rockin' You Eternally [Jacket]

    Leon Ware

    Rockin' You Eternally


    これまでにNed Doheny作品3タイトルをはじめ、Letta Mbule、Hatchback、Air等、魅惑のラインナップを幅広く再発させてきたグ... [more]

  • Viajando Com O Som (The Lost '76 Vice-Versa Studio Session)  [Jacket]

    Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa

    Viajando Com O Som (The Lost '76 Vice-Versa Studio Session)


    There have been few musicians to ever reach the stature of Hermeto Pascoal. A true maestro and a cultural icon, he re... [more]

  • Music For Nine Post Cards [Jacket]

    Hiroshi Yoshimura

    Music For Nine Post Cards


    Tracklist: A1. Water Copy A2. Clouds A3. Blink A4. Dance PM B1. Ice Copy B2. Soto Wa Ame B3. View From My Window B4.... [more]

  • Look Beyond [Jacket]

    Ron Trent

    Look Beyond


    精力的なリリースが続くシカゴ・ハウス重鎮Ron Trentが'05年から運営しているマステスト・レーベル<Future Vision>より'08年... [more]

  • Land Of Make Believe / 天気雨 [Jacket]

    Reggae Disco Rockers

    Land Of Make Believe / 天気雨


    トラックリスト: A1. Land Of Make Believe B1. 天気雨 「日本を代表するラヴァーズロック・レゲエアーティスト、Reggae Di... [more]

  • High Praise Edits Volume 1 [Jacket]


    High Praise Edits Volume 1


    Tracklist: A1. In The Groove B1. Passage Of Time Following on from his massive 'Feel It In My Bones' release (which... [more]

  • Dancin To Disco Dubs [Jacket]

    Edit & Dub

    Dancin To Disco Dubs


    Tracklist: A1. Grey & Hanks "Dancin Disco Dub (Unreleased Disco Dub)" A2. Bernard Wright "Master Rocker (Unreleased ... [more]

  • Unofficial Edits, Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 4 [Jacket]

    Joaquin Joe Claussell

    Unofficial Edits, Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 4


    唯一無二の天才DJ/プロデューサーJoaquin Joe Claussellが主宰する<Sacred Rhythm Music>からこの年末から来年にかけてフロア... [more]

  • Amp Dog Knights [Jacket]

    Amp Fiddler

    Amp Dog Knights


    デトロイト・ミュージック・カルチャーの生き証人、シンガーソングライター、伊達男AMP Dog KnightsことAMP FiddlerによるLou... [more]

  • Beauty & Simplicity Vol 2 [Jacket]

    Allstarr Motomusic & Sarignia Bonfa

    Beauty & Simplicity Vol 2


    これまでAnthony NicholsonにTrinidadian Deepによるリミックスをフィーチャーして各方面から注目を集めてきたスイスはチュー... [more]

  • Lay-Far Re-Edits [Jacket]


    Lay-Far Re-Edits


    Tracklist: A1. I'm An Indian Too (Lay-Far Remix) B1. Like Her (Lay-Far Re-Edit) B2. The Right One (Lay-Far Dub Tweak... [more]

  • I'm Strong [Jacket]

    Fingers Inc.

    I'm Strong


    '87年にシカゴ・ハウス最重要人物Larry Heardが主宰する<Alleviated Records>よりFingers Inc.メンバーでヴォーカルリスト/プ... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Equinox (Heavenly Club Mix) B1. Equinox (Total Eclipse Of The Dub) B2. Equinox (The Original Concept)... [more]

  • GU Essentials [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    GU Essentials


    "House Music Will Never Die"、"GU's 70's Trip"等に続いて信頼のイタリアン・レーベル<Groovin Recordings>よりGlenn Under... [more]

  • Spark The Universe [Jacket]


    Spark The Universe


    Tracklist: A1. Spark The Universe (Dance Mix) A2. Spark The Universe (Dub Mix) B1. Spark The Universe (Chuggy's Disc... [more]

  • Lost & Found EP [Jacket]

    Young Seth & Omar S

    Lost & Found EP


    Tracklist A1. Young Seth & Omar S "Deep (CDV 2006 Mix)" B1. Young Seth & Omar S "Detroit After Midnight" B2. Young S... [more]

  • Voodoohop Entropia 1.5 [Jacket]


    Voodoohop Entropia 1.5


    「Shhhhh主催レーベル、El Folclore Paradoxの第二弾です。いよいよ、サンパウロのパーティ・コレクティヴ、VOODOOHOPのコン... [more]

  • Barny [Jacket]

    Kay Zee



    Tracklist: A1. Barny B1. Barny (Fuga Ronto Rework) Let’s join us on another trip to Phantom Island: The 9th releas... [more]

  • Silent [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Silent B1. Silent (Khidja Remix) Silent is the new single by Miruna Boruzescu aka Borusiade from Buc... [more]

  • First Light [Jacket]

    Earth Patterns

    First Light


    Tracklist: A1. Sunflower A2. Horus Rising A3. Fourth Axis (Instrumental) B1. Transit Pan B2. After The Rain B3. Eigh... [more]

  • Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix) [Jacket]

    Agnes Obel

    Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix)


    Tracklist: A1. Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix) B1. Stretch Your Eyes (Ambient Acapella) Quiet Village are t... [more]

  • Wounded Woman [Jacket]

    Sandra Wright

    Wounded Woman


    Sandra Wright was an incredibly powerful Soul singer who was born in Memphis and later based in Nashville. She had jo... [more]

  • Anuug Anunga / Baila Mi Ritmo [Jacket]


    Anuug Anunga / Baila Mi Ritmo


    Tracklist: A1. Anung Anunga B1. Baila Mi Ritmo Originally released on a promo-only limited edition special 12" mix ... [more]

  • Red Rocks [Jacket]

    Paolo Martini

    Red Rocks


    Tracklist: A1. Red Rocks B1. Le Fonque Description: Industry veteran Paolo Martini is next to join the Emerald Ci... [more]

  • Aouta Gabon EP [Jacket]

    Toby Tobias

    Aouta Gabon EP


    Tracklist: A1. Aouta Gabon B1. House On The Hill Resista is back for number 10 and this time we welcome Toby Tobias... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. You Call That Love? B1. Slow Down Description: Just like buses, you wait for one, then two come at... [more]

  • Brasileira [Jacket]

    Maria Rita



    An original copy of the Brasileira LP by Brazilian singer Maria Rita Stumpf has been on top of collectors' and music ... [more]

  • Not_01 [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Artisan Strings A2. Heya Jam A3. Red Jo B1. Untitled Energy B2. Beat Turn Discription: Allegedly f... [more]

  • Hey Drum / The Truth [Jacket]


    Hey Drum / The Truth


    Tracklist: A1. Hey Drum B1. The Truth Dan Snaith's 27-track Fabriclive bounty just keeps on giving. Following the l... [more]

  • Real Sucker For Your Love [Jacket]

    Hugh Mane

    Real Sucker For Your Love


    Tracklist: A1. Real Sucker For Your Love B1. The Way Of The Gospels B2. Flight Cover Adult Contemporary welcomes U.... [more]

  • Jerusalem EP's [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    Jerusalem EP's


    先日復刻された'96年の傑作1stアルバム「Atmosfear」に続いて、シカゴ・ブラックフュージョン・ハウスの雄Glenn Underground... [more]

  • Nonstop Retro House 2015 [Jacket]

    Kentaro Iwaki

    Nonstop Retro House 2015


    「過去リリース作品がほぼソールドアウト状態、毎回ご好評を頂いているNONSTOPMXIシリーズ第7弾は、昨今再評価の動きが著しい... [more]

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