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  • V.A. / Beating Heart Project

    Beauty & the Beat [UK]

    Beating Heart Project [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2019/01/23

    THE LOFTファミリーとも親交が深いCedric Wooが中心となったロンドンの地下パーティー同名レーベル<Beauty & the Beat>から最高にスペシャルなコンピ・シングルが登場!!50年代に制作された南アフリカのフィールド録音のオフィシャル・リミクシーズ!!日本には限られたお店にしか入荷しないタイトルとなります!!LTD.!!


    A1. Boys Ride Bikes "Somagwaza II"
    A2. Nabihah Iqbal "Wonderful_Sushi"
    B1. Thor Rixon "Tula Mutwana"
    B2. The Happy Show "Lamnandi"

    A collaboration with Beating Heart Project about South Africa, which featured "a whole host of international talent (..) sampling and remixing field recordings made by Hugh Tracey in 1950s South Africa with kind permission from the International Library of African Music." We picked up 4 tracks which we totally loved, had them remastered digitally and for vinyl by Frank Merritt at the Carvery. Proceeds support gender equality in South Africa through the Women’s Legal Centre, as well as helping to teach music production skills to kids at Grahamstown’s Access Music Project. More info at beatingheartproject.com

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  • CW / Edits By CW

    Beauty & the Beat [UK]

    Edits By CW [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2018/01/24

    The LoftファミリーともコネクトするCedric Wooが中心となったロンドンの地下パーティーが始動させた同名レーベル<Beauty & the Beat>がリエディット・オフシュートを始動!!記念すべき第1弾は主宰Cedric Wooによるオブスキュア・ディスコ・リエディット傑作ダブル・サイダー!!日本には限られたお店にしか入荷しません!!ヴァイナル・オンリー!!LTD.300!!


    A1. Harer Nama B1. What Have We Done?


    This is the first edition of the Beauty Bits series that will focus on special edits that we play at the party and deserve to be put out on vinyl. VINYL ONLY. NO DIGITALS. All files are SNIPPETS ONLY. These 2 cuts were taken from the vaults of the mysterious 'CW' and have been favourites at the party for years already. Available for the first time on vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

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  • Famiglia E.P. [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2017/08/01

    第1弾が相当素晴らしかったThe LoftファミリーともコネクトするCedric Wooが中心となったロンドンの地下パーティー「Beauty & the Beat」が始動させた期待の新興同名レーベル最新第2弾もやはりスペシャル!!イタリア出身の注目タレントAtemiによるプロジェクトBlackBush Orchestra最高のデビュー・シングル!!incl.Superbness Kay Suzuki Rmx!!LTD.!!


    A1. My People A2. Bamba Ditounalene
    B Sortez, les filles! (Kay Suzuki Remix)


    This is the second release on the BATB label. After the success of BATB 001 (selling out in 3 weeks), we got together another dream-team for Famiglia EP : Blackbush Orchestra’s first ever released material, mastered by Vakula and Matt Colton with a remix from man of the moment Kay Suzuki. Tracks on here have been successfully road tested for almost a year now, as well as being championed on Worldwide radio (Cosmo), NTS (Donna Leake) and Berlin Community radio.

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  • Balafon Jam [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2890(税込)
    Date: 2016/02/04

    ロンドンの地下パーティー「Beauty & the Beat」が始動させた期待の新興同名レーベル記念すべき第1弾が遂に到着!!問答無用のスーパー・レコメンド!!Ltd.!!

    デッドストック!!今年10周年を迎えるというあのThe LoftファミリーともコネクトするCedric Wooが中心となったロンドンの地下パーティー「Beauty & the Beat」が始動させた期待の新興同名レーベル記念すべき第1弾が遂に到着!!Kay Suzuki主宰<Round In Motion>にも登場していた当地の兄弟ユニットSoundspeciesが'11年にデータのみでリリースしていた知られざる名曲の待望のヴァイナル化となる今作は、洗練されたブロークン・ビートにタイトルの如くトロピカルなバラフォンが心地良いディストーションを纏いながら響き渡る一世を風靡したKonono No.1やFrancis Bebey諸作に匹敵する超絶キラーなモダン・エレクトロニック・アフロ・ジャム超傑作A1"Balafon Jam (Unreleased Version)"に加え、ドイツはデュッセルドルフのレフトフィールド・ディスコ時の人Wolf Muller aka Jan Schulteが手掛けたインクレディブルなサイケデリック・ダンス・リミックスB面"Balafon Jam (Wolf Muller Deep Dub)"をカップリングした2015年度下半期ベストになり得る最高にスペシャルな1枚!!問答無用のスーパー・レコメンド!!本当にこれだけは絶対にお見逃しなく!!日本では2店舗のみの取り扱いとなります。

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  • Apparel Wax 006 [Jacket]

    Apparel Wax

    Apparel Wax 006


    Tracklist: A1. Track 1 A2. Track 2 B1. Track 3 The masked hero comes back after the LP with a 3 tracks EP landing i... [more]

  • Street Soul Brasil: 1987-1995 [Jacket]


    Street Soul Brasil: 1987-1995


    Street Soul Brasil (1987 - 1995) compiled by Augusto Olivani features songs from prominent artists of the era's urban... [more]

  • Sea Of Bliss [Jacket]

    Don Slepian

    Sea Of Bliss


    Computer music was born back in 1958 in Max Mathew’s sound lab, at what was then the Bell Telephone Labs research ce... [more]

  • Beyond The Beat [Jacket]

    Cold Front

    Beyond The Beat


    Tracklist: A1. Beyond The Beat (Radio Mix) A2. Beyond The Beat (Infinite Mix) A3. Beyond The Beat (Subterranean Bass... [more]

  • Daze Island LP [Jacket]


    Daze Island LP


    Tracklist: A1. At Least Trying A2. Faith Hiva A3. Escalating A4. Silly Approach A5. Toura Toura B1. Tuna Dance B2. D... [more]

  • Edits From Detroit #2 [Jacket]

    Mr. PC

    Edits From Detroit #2


    Tracklist: A1. Teddy Pendergrass "Life Is A Circle" A2. Labelle "What Can I Do For You?" B1. T Connection vs Mutabar... [more]

  • Itchicrickitch / Princess (Acsension) [Jacket]

    Unknown Artist

    Itchicrickitch / Princess (Acsension)


    Tracklist: A1. Itchicrickitch B1. Princess (Acsension) Ten releases in, and STILL far better than the rest. In a mo... [more]

  • Wakling Away [Jacket]


    Wakling Away


    Tracklist: A1. Walking Away B1. The Feeling Moving to London, producing two sell-out records with Mall Grab’s Stee... [more]

  • 1-2-1 (Feat. DJ Sotofett Remix) [Jacket]

    Carlos Romanos

    1-2-1 (Feat. DJ Sotofett Remix)


    Tracklist: A1. Original B1. DJ Sotofett's Formula Dub SAFT is proud to present a re-release of a sought after disco... [more]

  • Aaj Ki Raat / Chhupke Kaun Aya [Jacket]

    Sharon / Usha Uthup

    Aaj Ki Raat / Chhupke Kaun Aya


    Tracklist: A1. Sharon Prabhakar "Aaj Ki Raat" B1. Usha Uthup "Chhupke Kaun Aya" Description: “Double A++ sided D... [more]

  • Get Live 83' [Jacket]

    Junior Negro

    Get Live 83'


    Tracklist: A1. Get Live 83' (Dub Mix) A2. Lady Midnight (French Disco Mix) Description: Super disco dub mix actio... [more]

  • Body Electric EP [Jacket]


    Body Electric EP


    Tracklist: A1. Body Electric A2. T-Symmetry B1. Txt B2. Txt (Beatless) The EPs title track is the result of an exte... [more]

  • Philadelphia International Classics - The Tom Moulton Remixes : Part 2 [Jacket]


    Philadelphia International Classics - The Tom Moulton Remixes : Part 2


    Tracklist: A1. Archie Bell & The Drells "Where Will You Go When The Party's Over" B1. People's Choice "Jam, Jam, Jam... [more]

  • Philadelphia International Classics - The Tom Moulton Remixes : Part 3 [Jacket]


    Philadelphia International Classics - The Tom Moulton Remixes : Part 3


    Tracklist: A1. The O'Jays "This Time Baby" B1. The Futures "Party Time Man" C1. Jean Carn "My Love Don't Come Easy" ... [more]

  • Tracklist; A1. Sfire feat Marcella "Sfire1" B1. Sfire "Sfire1" Marcella: I don't really remember - I only thought t... [more]

  • Sentimentally It's You / Snapshot [Jacket]

    Gigi Testa / Monchan

    Sentimentally It's You / Snapshot


    Tracklist: A1. Sentimentally It's You (Gigi Testa Full Dub Edit) B1. Snapshot (Monchan No Photo Edit) Description:... [more]

  • Secretsundaze Mixtape [Jacket]

    Joe Claussell

    Secretsundaze Mixtape


    「Giles SmithとJames Priestleyが主宰するパーティーを母体とするレーベルSecretsundazeから、御大Joe Claussellによる極上... [more]

  • JOIA (1975) is widely-regarded as one of the Brazilian star’s Nbest efforts following his return from exile in Londo... [more]

  • Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet present CCMYK, a new album on Henrik's own label Between Buttons. Produced in collabora... [more]

  • New Experience [Jacket]

    Kota Motomura

    New Experience


    Tracklist: A1. Aboy A2. Yes B1. Stars B2. Cry Baby Brand new Hobbes Music signing from Tokyo, Kota Motomura is a sl... [more]

  • Nahawa Doumbia (Ben Gomori / Tom Jay Edits)  [Jacket]

    Nahawa Doumbia

    Nahawa Doumbia (Ben Gomori / Tom Jay Edits)


    Tracklist: A1. Sigi Sele (Ben Gomori Edit) B1. Sigi Sele (Ben Gomori's Disco Dub) B2. Djina Mousso (Tom Jay Edit) ... [more]

  • Nacao Africa [Jacket]

    Camarao Orkestra

    Nacao Africa


    Tracklist: A1. Nacao Africa B1. Nacao Africa (Patchworks Remix) B2. Nacao Africa (Patchworks Late Night Dub) The tu... [more]

  • Wolf Muller Meets The Nile Project [Jacket]

    Wolf Muller

    Wolf Muller Meets The Nile Project


    Tracklist: A1. Mabomba Dance B1. Ruoth Radido (Nyangile) B2. Moso Radido Wuod Ndege (Nyatiti) B3. Southern Voice D... [more]

  • Schvitz Edits 003 [Jacket]

    Nathan Micay

    Schvitz Edits 003


    Tracklist: A1. Koi Jaye To Le Aaye (Nathan Micay Skip & Skatter Edit) B1. I Am That Living Soul (Nathan Micay Tranc... [more]

  • Classiques Volume Fifteen [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    Classiques Volume Fifteen


    Tracklist: A1. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes "Hang On In There" A2. Peoples Choice "Hey Everybody Party Hearty" B1.... [more]

  • Together More (Andrew Weatherall Remix) [Jacket]

    Scott Fraser feat. Louise Quinn

    Together More (Andrew Weatherall Remix)


    Tracklist: A1. Together More B1. Together More (Andrew Weatherall Remix) Greetings Sisters and Brothers...Welcome b... [more]

  • Detroit [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. PiranhaHead feat. Abby B "Ebb & Flow" A2. Lee Curtiss & Steingold "Feed The Funk" A3. Lonely C "Hold ... [more]

  • Fruits And Vegetable Groove [Jacket]

    Marcellus Pittman

    Fruits And Vegetable Groove


    Tracklist: A1. Fruits And Vegetable Groove B1. Love 4 My Kinfolk デトロイトのスーパー・ビートダウン・グループ、3 Ch... [more]

  • Third Space [Jacket]

    People Plus

    Third Space


    Tracklist: A1. Third Space A2. Ascension B1. Jungle Room B2. O.S.C.1 B3. Journey To Being Third Space was inspired ... [more]

  • Rejoicing [Jacket]

    Jasper St Co.



    Tracklist: A1. Paradise A2. Anything B1. Wanna Be Happy B2. Happy Song C1. My Soul Is A Witness C2. Praying For You ... [more]

  • Lovin [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Lovin B1. Lovin “Band looks for brighter days as Sunstreet” ? was the headline from a 1980 Delawar... [more]

  • True Image [Jacket]

    Steve Elliott

    True Image


    Rain&Shine proudly present Steve Elliott’s first album -True Image (1981). After failing to find musicians with the ... [more]

  • SNAKER 010 [Jacket]

    Eirwud Mudwasser

    SNAKER 010


    Tracklist: A1. Hiccup A2. Hahahaha So Sad A3. Crazy Lilo A4. Drum Machine Circle A5. Martyn Drums B1. Treewalkers Cr... [more]

  • Powder In Space (CD) [Jacket]


    Powder In Space (CD)


    Powder In Space marks the first in a new series exploring dance music’s form and informality from Tim Sweeney’s Bea... [more]

  • Land [Jacket]




    「DJ CMTによる別名義アンビエント?プロジェクト"CHAM"。 CHAMの作品は、活火山の森の中での生活や、精霊の住む山の麓のス... [more]

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