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  • Agua Re / Holy Dance

    Flash Forward [ITA]

    Holy Dance [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2018/02/27

    信頼の復刻レーベル<Flash Forward>からイタリアン・ハウス・レジェンドAlex Neri擁するワンオフ・ユニットAgua Reが'92年に残した状態の良いオリジナル盤は1万円近いプレミアで取り引きされているまさしくアルチメットなイタリアン・ドリーム・ハウス超傑作が正規リイシュー!!この機会に是非聴いてみてください!!最高すぎます!!


    A1. Holy Dance (First Mix) A2. Holy Dance (Second Mix)
    B1. Holy Dance (Large Sound Mix) B2. Holy Dance (Percy Mix)


    Produced, arranged and mixed by: A.Neri, M.Baroni, A.Dodici & P.Pieretti on Oversky Records in 1992, this oft-overlooked piece of Italian house history is one of the crowning glories of the genre. Both dreamy and chunky, it knocks aside those wafty imitations with no stones as sizzling leads and captivating hooks float delicately atop of a rock solid b-line. Highlighting that 'coastal exuberance' that's fast become back into focus, "Holy Dance" is everything you want in a house track.

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  • My Old Friend [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2017/11/07

    信頼の復刻レーベル<Flash Forward>からリヴィング・ハウス・レジェンドKerri Chandlerが'99年にリリースした超傑作タイトルが正規リイシュー!!すべてのハウスDJsマスト・チェックです!!この機会をお見逃しなく!!


    A1. My Old Friend B1. We Can B2. We Can Again

    "Black Vinyl label boss Alan Russell first met Kerri when Alan was writing for ECHOES magazine and Kerri was signed (by A&R man Johnnie Walker) to Champion Records in the UK. Alan was interviewing Dee Dee Brave at a hotel in West London as part of the promotion for her album on Champion which was released in 1991. Alan was already familiar with Kerri's work such as 'Superlover' and 'Set If Off' and with his productions on Movin Records, so asked about Kerri and when told that he was also in London as part of the Dee Dee's tour, the two met and began talking. Kerri was slightly surprised that Alan knew all of his early releases and the two bonded.

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  • What You Need... [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2018/02/27

    イタリアン・ピアノ・ハウス金字塔Soft House Company"What You Need..."が信頼の復刻レーベル<Flash Forward>から遂に正規リイシュー!!超弩級のハウス・クラシック・マスターピース!!デッドストック!!

    デッドストック!!Frankie Knucklesによる名作ミックスCD「Choice」にもラストに収録されていた往年のハウス・ミュージック・ファンにはお馴染みであろうイタリアン・ピアノ・ハウス金字塔Soft House Company"What You Need..."が信頼の復刻レーベル<Flash Forward>から遂に正規リイシュー!!パーフェクトなピアノ・フレーズと限りなく高揚感を促すFirst Choice"Let No Man Put Asunder"のヴォーカル・サンプルのコントラストが抜群のメイン・ヴァージョンA面"What You Need..."に加え、ヴォイスレスでシンプルにディープに展開するキラーなベースラインが際立つこれぞザ・ハウスと言えるB面"A Little Piano"をカップリングした超越アンセムのアルチメット・ダブル・サイダー!!Larry Levanをはじめ、Junior VasquezからDJ Harveyはもちろんの事、誰しもが2枚使いでプレイしてきた超弩級のハウス・クラシック・マスターピース!!いつの日かDJ Nobuプレイ@Club Mago!!

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  • Don Carlos / Mediterraneo EP

    Flash Forward [ITA]

    Mediterraneo EP [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2017/06/30

    信頼の復刻レーベル<Flash Forward>から今度は歴史的名作"Alone"でお馴染みのイタリアン・レジェンドDon Carlosが翌年'92年に残した傑作ミニアルバムが正規リイシュー!!これまたイタリアン・ドリーム・ハウスの極めつけです!!特大推薦!!


    A1. Mediterraneo
    A2. Free
    A3. Paranoia
    B1. Play It Again - Underground
    B2. Play It Again (Paradise)
    B3. Re Mida Ouverture

    Carlo Troja aka Don Carlos is active as a DJ from the late 70's. He debuted as a producer towards the end of the 80's with the single 'Alone' , which became one of the cult tracks of the international Deep House scene. His productions have always mixed House rhythms with afro-american jazz sounds, verging sometime towards disco, sometime towards progressive house or electronic soul. In 1992 Calypso (Irma) released 'Mediterraneo" a mini album all by playing ... Deep Jazzy house !!!

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  • House Of Calypso [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2017/10/12

    信頼の復刻レーベル<Flash Forward>からイタリアン・ハウス古典の絶対的なマスターピースが正規リイシュー!!すべてのハウスDJs必携盤と断言させていただきます!!廃盤デッドストック!!


    A1. House Of Calypso (Remix Version)
    A2. House Of Calypso (Softhouse Version)
    B1. Calypso Of House (Paradise Version)


    Absolute Italian gold from 1990. Peeping right over into the house canyon while retaining all of Italo's sophistication, Ricky Montanari's Key Tronics Ensemble was a driving force in the sound during the early 90s. "House Of Calypso" was their debut, and it came with finessed, emotional key-stroking hook that lifts relentlessly. The remix version features a dizzying solo on the peak, the softhouse version is a little more spacious and lighter in the drums. For most, though, it's straight to the Paradise version - an out-and-out Balearic anthem that's still enraptures 27 years later. Its first repress in 10 years, this is long overdue.

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  • Vostok 3 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2017/06/06

    近年高騰してきた初期イタリア産カルト・ディープ・ハウス傑作タイトルが信頼の復刻レーベル<Flash Forward>から嬉しい正規リイシュー!!この機会をお見逃しなく!!Ltd.!!


    A1. Vostok 3 (Official Anthem)
    B1. Vostok 3 (Instrumental)
    B2. Vostok 3 (MBG Deep Trip)


    Seminal sounds: Flash Forward rewind to 1992 where a silky soulful house was building on the firm foundations of Italo. Operating in his rare University Of Love guise, Giorgio Canepa (AKA longstanding Italian house pioneer MBG), laid down three stunning versions of pristine ground zero house music. Pure Roland gold with a fluttering Fingers-style lead, each mix breezes in its own emotive way. 24 years old and still future. Highly limited.

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  • Vol. 1 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2390(税込)
    Date: 2017/02/06

    近年高騰する初期イタリア産ディープ・ハウス・クラシックが嬉しい正規リイシュー!!イタリアン・ハウス・レジェンドRicky Montanari率いるRiviera Traxx傑作1stシングル!!


    1. Parfume 1
    2. Parfume 2
    3. Hey Hey
    4. Love


    1991 production by Flavio Vecchi and Ricky Montanari for Ethos Mama Production and Irma Records Rimini , Riccione and all the " Riviera " always been the place where there is the highest concentration of Clubs and ' Ethos Mama was definitely one of the most underground of that period ... Ricky & Flavio imposed their unique sound and realized one of the most played and danced Deep House record ever!

    Sold Out


  • The Color Of Midnight [Jacket]

    Nikki O / Javonntte

    The Color Of Midnight


    <Mahogani Music>ファミリーのデトロイト歌姫Nikki-Oと<NDATL Muzik>ファミリーのデトロイト新星プロデューサーJavonntteによ... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. The Sound Of People Moving B1. Fricatives New Jersian seems to be slap bang in the midst of another ... [more]

  • A Tour In Italy [Jacket]

    Band Aid

    A Tour In Italy


    Tracklist: A1. Tour In Italy (Mediterranean Version) B1. A Tour In Italy B2. A Tour In Italy (Dub Version) Not to b... [more]

  • Eternally Grateful [Jacket]

    Janet Kay

    Eternally Grateful


    Tracklist: A1. Eternally Grateful B1. Eternally Dubful Following on from the incredibly well received reissue of Ri... [more]

  • Disco Made Me Do It Sampler 1 [Jacket]


    Disco Made Me Do It Sampler 1


    Tracklist: A1. Dubplate Disco "Pick Up (Yamwho? Edit)" B1. Motte "Darkroom Boogie" Description: Riot Records turn... [more]

  • Neutron Dance Remixes [Jacket]

    Krystal Klear

    Neutron Dance Remixes


    Tracklist: A1. Neutron Dance (Paul Woolford Jolly Roger Rework) A2. Neutron Dance (Fango Remix) B1. Neutron Dance (M... [more]

  • Bump / Know [Jacket]


    Bump / Know


    Tracklist: A1. Bump B1. Know Description: Italian edit maestro Moplen is establishing himself as one of the key f... [more]

  • Cutz From...Vol 1 [Jacket]

    Justin Unabomber

    Cutz From...Vol 1


    Tracklist A1. Cut #1 A2. Cut #2 B1. Cut #3 B2. Cut #4 For the first Sprechen foray into vinyl we are pleased to hav... [more]

  • Oriental Ananas [Jacket]

    Ajvar Soundsystem

    Oriental Ananas


    Tracklist: A1. Ananas B1. Orient Star B2. Dooga Now they return nearly two years later with more essential disco-ho... [more]

  • Volume 5 [Jacket]

    Shake Tapes

    Volume 5


    Tracklist: A1. Bamba (Dan Shake Cut) A2. Ritmo (Dan Shake Cut) B1. Hot To Trot (Dan Shake Cut) Description: Fifth... [more]

  • Cerebral Hemispheres Remixes [Jacket]

    Mr. Fingers

    Cerebral Hemispheres Remixes


    今年リリースされた神様Larry HeardによるMr. Fingersの大傑作アルバム「Cerebral Hemisphere」よりディープなトラックス"Out... [more]

  • Heaven Dub [Jacket]

    Larry Heard

    Heaven Dub


    最新アルバム「Cerebral Hemispheres」が素晴らし過ぎたシカゴ巨匠Larry Heardによる注目の最新作がブルックリンを拠点に活動... [more]

  • Agua Congas [Jacket]

    Paula Tape

    Agua Congas


    Tracklist: A1. Agua Congas A2. Agua Congas (Project Pablo Remix) B1. Playa Frenesi We are excited to welcome anothe... [more]

  • Sorry That I'm Drifting [Jacket]

    Buddy Love

    Sorry That I'm Drifting


    Tracklist: A1. Sorry That I'm Drifting A2. Belladonna Cove B1. In Touch B2. Belladonna Cove (Florist Remix) Descri... [more]

  • Joy Kill [Jacket]


    Joy Kill


    Tracklist: A1. Joy Kill A2. Joy Kill (Fouk Remix) B1. Broken Dub B2. Broken Dub (Glenn Astro Remix) When Fouk & Gle... [more]

  • Telmex Beach [Jacket]

    Great Ghost

    Telmex Beach


    Tracklist: A1. Telmex Beach A2. Untitled33 B1. Alien Hotel Del Mar B2. Luv Track Great Ghost is a producer & DJ who... [more]

  • Feeling Cute Dunno Might Delete Later EP [Jacket]

    Joe Cleen

    Feeling Cute Dunno Might Delete Later EP


    Tracklist: A1. Show Me Your Dimension A2. And This Is B1. We Need B2. We Need (Glenn Astro Remix) Joe Cleen is back... [more]

  • Olympus Mons EP [Jacket]

    People Plus

    Olympus Mons EP


    Tracklist: A1. Olympus Mons B1. Second Cycle B2. Work It Out Description: People Plus are CZ Wang and Joli B., si... [more]

  • Lulo (Feat. Dabriel Garius) [Jacket]

    DJ Malcolm

    Lulo (Feat. Dabriel Garius)


    Tracklist: A1. Lulo B1. Guava Church's latest release - a rather tasty, two-track ten-inch single - comes courtesy ... [more]

  • Phil / Hall Of Fame [Jacket]

    Jeremy Vibes

    Phil / Hall Of Fame


    Tracklist: A1. Phil B1. Hall Of Fame Description: Mysterious hand stamped white label business for JEZZA001 from... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Andromeda Beach A2. Homeward A3. Afterburner B1. In Orbit B2. The Holtzman Effect Starting off, 'And... [more]

  • Canciones Favoritas [Jacket]

    Litto Nebbia

    Canciones Favoritas


    Tracklist: A1. Una Verdad A2. Pelas Madrugadas A3. Paso El Circo A4. Ayer Te Vi A5. Musiica Para Las Estrellas B1. M... [more]

  • Spring Dom EP [Jacket]


    Spring Dom EP


    Tracklist: A1. Spring Dom A2. Spring Dom (Medlar Remix) B1. Clubtronic B2. Miss You If there's one thing WOLF Music... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Tony! Toni! Tone! "Tell Me Mama" B1. Sydney Youngblood "Wherever You Go (Femi Fem Remix)" 「累計セー... [more]

  • Straight Ahead [Jacket]


    Straight Ahead


    Zenit is a jazz ensemble from Krems in Lower Austria, founded in 1976 by Hannes Treiber and Willi Langer. Their music... [more]

  • Danzindan-Pojidon [Jacket]

    Inoyama Land



    「日本のアンビエントの先駆者『イノヤマランド』1983年リリースの1stアルバム『DANZINDAN-POJIDON』(ダンジンダン・ポジドン... [more]

  • Chains [Jacket]

    Rogue D



    Tracklist: A1. Chains B1. Chains (Patrick Topping Remix) Rogue D is the new solo project from Danny Minchella. Unde... [more]

  • Nakambe Nga What Dis She Day? [Jacket]

    Les Choc Stars Du Zaire / Tenkokrat's

    Nakambe Nga What Dis She Day?


    Tracklist: A1. Les Choc Stars Du Zaire "Nakombe Nga" B1. Teknokrat's "What Did She Say" In recent times Rush Hour h... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Giant Step (Club Mix) B1. Giant Step (Demo) Into The Light take another trip into the annals of Gree... [more]

  • 「タイム・カプセルは再発盤にフォーカスした新設レーベル。東ロンドンで長年続く老舗パーティのBeauty & The Beatと、同じく... [more]

  • Dubbel Vision EP [Jacket]

    Luca Lozano / Telephones

    Dubbel Vision EP


    Tracklist: A1. Ibiza Bullshit "Necklace" A2. Ibiza Bullshit "Necklace (Telephones Remix)" B1. Telephones "Tonya Vs N... [more]

  • Ata 019 [Jacket]

    Pepe Bradock

    Ata 019


    Tracklist: A1. Panique Manucure A2. Furious Yogi B1. Romantic DNA B2. Ave Psychic P19 Best or worst Young and willi... [more]

  • Editales Vol. 1 [Jacket]


    Editales Vol. 1


    Tracklist: A1. Berimbau B1. You Know Nothing The next missive from Fango's Degustibus stable is from Ditongo aka Ba... [more]

  • Meekside Freekside [Jacket]

    Stefan Ringer

    Meekside Freekside


    <NDATL Muzik>やREKchampa名義で<PPU>からもリリースするX年代新星Stefan Ringerによる最新作が新興<FWM Entertainment>記念... [more]

  • Untitled [Jacket]

    Unknown Artist



    Tracklist: A1. Untitled Description: The debut vinyl only release on the newly established KOD (Keep on Dancing) ... [more]

  • They're Coming / Safe Place [Jacket]

    Delano Smith

    They're Coming / Safe Place


    Tracklist: A1. They're Coming B1. Safe Place Description: Given his longevity and productivity, we were rather su... [more]

  • Land [Jacket]




    「DJ CMTによる別名義アンビエント?プロジェクト"CHAM"。 CHAMの作品は、活火山の森の中での生活や、精霊の住む山の麓のス... [more]

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