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  • Devotion [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2090(税込)
    Date: 2019/11/08

    Kyle Hall主宰<Wild Oats>からの諸作で注目を集めたロンドンのブロークンビート・ウィザードK15ことKieron IfillがFloating Points主宰<Eglo Records>からは2枚目となる新作をリリース!!Theo Parrishのお気に入りタレントであるTwICEことPatrick Gibinをフィーチャーしたまさにエッセンシャルなブロークンビート傑作ダブル・サイダー!!


    A1. Devotion feat Patrick Gibin
    B1. Cloud Nine (K15 Reinterpretation)

    K15 serves up another slice of broken beat wizardry for Eglo Records, illuminating his trademark style of soul stirring synths and bouncing bass. Clocking in at just over 8 minutes, 'Devotion' is a dance music opus for the mind and body. Lifted from the forthcoming Eglo Records Vol. 2 compilation - due for release in late October - 'Devotion' will be available as a limited run 12" only single, housed in a special edition "10 Year Of Eglo Records' sleeve. Exclusive to the vinyl release the B-Side features K15's reconstruction of Patricks Gibin and Javonttee's 'Cloud 9', a track released earlier in the year...and more


  • Patrick Gibin / Cloud Nine / I Like To Show You

    Eglo Records [UK]

    Cloud Nine / I Like To Show You [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥2190(税込)
    Date: 2019/04/30

    Floating Points主宰<Eglo Records>最新作が超絶レコメンド!!イタリアを拠点に活動するイギリス人DJ/プロデューサー才人TwICEことPatrick Gibinが鍵盤レジェンドMarc de Clive-Loweと近年目が離せないデトロイト・ネイティブの絶対的なディープ・ハウス・プロデューサーJavonntteをフィーチャーしたグレイテスト・ダブル・サイダー!!特にA面はDJ Spinna好きドンズバなヴォーカル・ハウス!!NICK THE RECORDもお気に入りとのこと!!LOUIE VEGAチャートイン!!


    A1. Cloud Nine (feat. MdCL & Javonntte)
    B1. I Like To Show You (feat. MdCL & Javonntte)


    Italian Producer/DJ Patrick Gibin kick starts the year in fine style with our first release for 2019. 'Cloud Nine' is a two track EP featuring the soul filled tones of Detroit native Javonntte on vocals and musical polymath Mark de Clive-Lowe aka McDL on keys. Straight up four to the floor goodness that bumps and thumps with the slickest of grooves on both sides. Check it!

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  • Fatima / And Yet It's All Love

    Eglo Records [UK]

    And Yet It's All Love [Jacket]


    Format: 2LP
    Price: ¥4290(税込)
    Date: 2018/10/22

    Floating PointsことSamual Shepherdが主宰する既に名門レーベル<Eglo Records>を代表する歌姫Fatimaによる4年振りとなる待望の2ndアルバムがスーパー・レコメンド!!Gilles Petersonはもちろんのこと、Pichiforkなどでも高い評価を得ているネオ・ソウル好き必聴の現行UKソウル名盤!!2018年度ベスト・アルバム候補ノミネート間違いなし!!

    It's been four years since Eglo Records' Fatima released 2014's Blue Note-approved, critically acclaimed debut Yellow Memories. This September, the London- via -Stockholm, Sweden songstress, returns with her second album, And Yet It's All Love ? an emotional, yet entertaining trip through the full cycle of a romantic relationship, told in Fatima's now-familiar soulful style. From first singles "Somebody Else" and "Caught In A Lie" to "Waltz" and "Just To Hold You" ? listeners are transported from first meet, the blinding honeymoon period and struggle right through to the break-up and eventual fallout. Once again, she calls on a talented array of producers and instrumentalists to paint that picture; from Stones Throw's MNDSGN, J.D Reid (Mabel, D Double E), Purist (Daupe), Taz Arnold (Kendrick Lamar), Swarvy and regular collaborator, Natureboy Flako.


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  • Byron The Aquarius / Leaving This Planet

    Eglo Records [UK]

    Leaving This Planet [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2018/03/09

    デトロイトの絶対注目キーボディスト/プロデューサーByron The Aquariousが何とFloating Pointsが主宰するマステスト・レーベル<Eglo Records>から待望の最新作をリリース!!最高としか言いようがありません!!デッドストック!!

    <Sound Signature>より華々しいデビューを飾ったデトロイトの絶対注目キーボディスト/プロデューサーByron The Aquariousが何とFloating Pointsが主宰するマステスト・レーベル<Eglo Records>から待望の最新作をリリース!!浮遊する不協和コードを下地にジャジーなエレピやアルペジオ・シンセ等が絡み合い優雅に展開していく崇高ナンバーA1"Song For A Friendを筆頭に、ラウド・ビートとアシッディー・ベースを軸に得意のシンセ・ワークを絡めたA2"Mind, Body & Soul!、ハービー・ハンコック的なキー・アプローチの映えるフュージョン・トリップなドラムンベース・ナンバーB1"Blow Your Mind!、そして弾むダウンビートを下地にスペーシー・シンセ・ソロが炸裂するキラー・フュージョン・ファンクB2"SSDP"と抜群の全4trksを収録!!最高としか言いようがありません!!(Jaguar P)

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  • Henry Wu / Deep In The Mudd

    Eglo Records [UK]

    Deep In The Mudd [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1990(税込)
    Date: 2018/01/29

    <Rhythm Section International>や<22a>等で活躍してきたサウス・ロンドンの新星プロデューサーHenry WuがFloating Points主宰<Eglo Records>から待望の新作をリリース!!incl.Superbness Kaidi Tatham Rmx!!デッドストック!!


    A1. Deep in Mudd A2. R6 Interlude A3. Boards and Skins
    B1. Just Negotiate (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
    B2. Century B3. Reflections

    Henry Wu (aka Kamaal Williams of Yussef Kamaal) returns to Eglo Records following on from his joint EP with K15. 'Deep In The Mudd' is a heavy weight 6 track EP which journeys through Broken Beat, House, Hip Hop and Jazz. The previously released 'Negotiate' ft. Simeon Jones, which originally came out on Eglo sister label Hotep, gets a 2017 remix courtesy of the legendary Kaidi Tatham and uk funky OG Hardhouse Banton joins Wu on title track 'Deep In The Mudd' and 'Century'. Essential business, no messing about!

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  • sauce81 / Dance Tonight

    Eglo Records [UK]

    Dance Tonight [Jacket]

    Format: 7"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2017/02/08

    日本人プロデューサーSauce81ことNobuyuki SuzukiがFloating Points主宰<Eglo Records>から2枚目となる待望の新作をリリース!!最高です!!


    A1. Dance Tonight B. Dance Tonight (Disco Dub)


    The modern funk and new boogie revival continues in earnest here, as Japan's Sauce81 gets on board the hydrofoil. Pushing this classic sound, but giving it a fresh twist alongside luminaries Benny Badge (Silver Linings), Tom Nobel, Tension, Dam Funk etc. Recorded last year in Tokyo, all vocals, instruments and production are handled by the man himself. "Dance Tonight" has some serious weight on the bottom end - with a big slap bass combining with tight live drums and infectious guitar licks. It's the sound of Full Beam! getting busy right here in Manchester; warming up the dancefloor nicely before the power-boogie and new jack sounds take over later on. Comes with a tasty dub with embellished instrumentation! Massive record.

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  • Fatima / Follow You

    Eglo Records [UK]

    Follow You [Jacket]

    コンディション Ex+/Ex+

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1290(税込)
    Date: 2019/11/14

    '11年Floating Points手掛けるフィメール・シンガーFatima名作2ndシングル!!

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  • HIGHLIGHT 2 [Jacket]




    「久々となるMIXCDフォーマットでのリリースはCMTの “ハイライト” 再び! 様々なパーティーでプレイして来た名曲ぎゅっと詰... [more]

  • If It Ain't Jazz Volume 1 [Jacket]

    Aroop Roy

    If It Ain't Jazz Volume 1


    Tracklist: A1. Reach N' Search B1. Monterey Description: Super limited Jazz reworks on a peak time dancefloor tip... [more]

  • In The Light Of The Miracle [Jacket]

    Danny Krivit & Tony Smith

    In The Light Of The Miracle


    カナダはトロントの才能AbacusことAustin Bascomによ約7年振りとなる新作やベルリン在住のアップカマー・ビートダウン・プロ... [more]

  • Gatluak Remixes [Jacket]


    Gatluak Remixes


    Tracklist: A1. Gatluak (Nandu Remix) A2. Gatluak (Nandu Dub Mix) B2. Gatluak (Hyenah Beat Version) B2. Gatluak (Hyen... [more]

  • Lokeach et Hayom Leat [Jacket]

    Avi Matos

    Lokeach et Hayom Leat


    Diggers Holy Grail - Second Release from Tel-Aviv based Label Bauhaus Records Re-mastered at Curve Pusher Studios (wh... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Justin Househeads Original B1. Deep Tech Remix B2. Deeper Tech Rub ''NDATL is proud to announce the ... [more]

  • I Found Inside Remixes [Jacket]

    Peven Everett

    I Found Inside Remixes


    Tracklist: A1. Chris Forman Retouched Soul Remix A2. Chris Forman Retouched Soul Instrumental B1. DJ Spinna Galactic... [more]

  • Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing Vol 10: Main Room [Jacket]


    Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing Vol 10: Main Room


    Tracklist: A1. Jonathan Kusuma "Energi Hall" A2. Sleep D & Samo DJ "No Mans Land" B1. Mascaras X Powder "RealGold" B... [more]

  • Runnin' & Sailin' [Jacket]


    Runnin' & Sailin'


    Tracklist: A1. Runnin' B1. Sailin' Description: FREAKWAY is back with their debut release on CITY BABY after thei... [more]

  • Lost Tracks Vol 1 [Jacket]

    Anthony Nicholson

    Lost Tracks Vol 1


    Tracklist: A1. Live Television (Scene 1) B1. Nightlight Daylight Description: ESSENTIAL ANTHONY NICHOLSON is back... [more]

  • The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Special Extended Versions Part 1 & 2 [Jacket]

    Joaquin Joe Claussell

    The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Special Extended Versions Part 1 & 2


    Right on the heels of the esteemed Unofficial Edits & Overdub (2XCD) and Limited 7inch release-performed and Compiled... [more]

  • Classic Label Sampler Volume VII (Inc. Honey Dijon Remix) [Jacket]


    Classic Label Sampler Volume VII (Inc. Honey Dijon Remix)


    Tracklist: A1. Felix Da Housecat "Thee Trk! (Honey Dijon Re-Edit)" A2. Carlo "Perfect Plan (Extended Mix)" B1. JT Do... [more]

  • Moon Replacement (Inc. Gonno / Mark E Remixes) [Jacket]

    Anderson Chase

    Moon Replacement (Inc. Gonno / Mark E Remixes)


    Tracklist: A1. Moon Replacement A2. Moon Replacement (Gonno Remix) B1. Moon Replacement (Mark E Remix) B2. Between U... [more]

  • When Love Gets Cold [Jacket]

    Austin Ato

    When Love Gets Cold


    Tracklist: A1. When Love Gets Cold A2. To Fall In Love B1. All I Want B2. Blessed Description: After years of pro... [more]

  • Change Your Style [Jacket]


    Change Your Style


    Tracklist: A1. Change Your Style B1. Change Your Style (Prins Thomas Edit) in 1980, dutch outfit Renee came out wit... [more]

  • One Single Thought [Jacket]

    Joey Anderson

    One Single Thought


    Tracklist: A1. Steady Stare A2. Let Us In B1. Mystic Strings B2. Someday We are pleased to welcome the New Jersey n... [more]

  • Andres 4 [Jacket]


    Andres 4


    Tracklist: A1. Back In The Old Times A2. Mighty Tribe A3. I'll Wait 4 U B1. What's Ur Name Again B2. Truth Serum B3.... [more]

  • All U Gotta Do Is Listen [Jacket]


    All U Gotta Do Is Listen


    Tracklist: A1. All U Gotta Do Is Listen B1. Night Time Is The Right Time The two tracks the label has selected are ... [more]

  • Blame It On The Groove / San Francisco [Jacket]

    Pomona Dream

    Blame It On The Groove / San Francisco


    Tracklist: A1. Blame It On The Groove B1. San Francisco Ok, this one is different from the usual standard of re-edi... [more]

  • Tema Do Brisa [Jacket]

    Zeca Do Trombone

    Tema Do Brisa


    Tracklist: A1. Zeca Do Trombone "Tema Do Brisa" B1. Sambacanas "Panga, Danga, Panga" Club Internacional dig deep to... [more]

  • Warm Weather / Mt.Airy Groove [Jacket]

    Pieces Of A Dream

    Warm Weather / Mt.Airy Groove


    数々のハウス・クラシックをはじめ、決定的な名作ダンス・クラシックを中心に復刻を手掛けてきた信頼のイタリアン・レーベル<... [more]

  • Happiness [Jacket]

    Free Energy



    Tracklist: A1. Happiness A2. Nite Position B1. More B2. Otherworldly Constructs Description: Mid 90's EP by Chica... [more]

  • Beyond Space And Time Sampler [Jacket]

    DJ Nobu

    Beyond Space And Time Sampler


    Tracklist: A1. Pan Sonic "Lahetys / Transmission" DJ Nobu describes the track this way… "Electronic music has exis... [more]

  • By Your Side - Remixes Part 2 [Jacket]


    By Your Side - Remixes Part 2


    Tracklist: A1. Space is My Place (Mark Barrott’s Re<>Imagination to the Sacred Heart Center) B1. Shadows and Light... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Dr Gibbons A2. Cream B1. Mad Hatter B2. Step On Up B3. Liverpool Strut Matrefakt are a trio from Liv... [more]

  • ST002 [Jacket]

    Stone Cold



    Tracklist: A1. Pikey's Groove A2. Amiri Baraka B1. Not Needed B2. The Rhythm Four more low-flyin jams make up the ... [more]

  • Pursuit of the Pimpmobile / Isabelle & the Rain [Jacket]

    Edits By Mr. K

    Pursuit of the Pimpmobile / Isabelle & the Rain


    Tracklist: A1. Pursuit of the Pimpmobile (Mr. K 7" Edit) B1. Isabelle & The Rain (Mr. K 7" Edit) <Most Excellent Un... [more]

  • Saskamodie [Jacket]




    「数あるMOCKYのアルバムの中でも最もアナログ盤のリリースを待望されていた 4枚目のアルバム "Saskamodie"。 2009年春のリリ... [more]

  • Secretsundaze Mixtape [Jacket]


    Secretsundaze Mixtape


    「アムステルダムのRed Light RadioとロンドンのNTS Radioのパーソナリティーとしても活動しており、ミックスを聴いた当レー... [more]

  • True Love (Pt. 1 & 2 ) [Jacket]

    New Horizon

    True Love (Pt. 1 & 2 )


    Tracklist: A1. True Love Pt. 1 B1. True Love Pt. 2 Originally released on a styrene 7” only, a format that was che... [more]

  • Vibe Under A Different Frequency EP [Jacket]

    Vincent Halliburton

    Vibe Under A Different Frequency EP


    Scott Fergusonが主宰する<Ferrispark Recordings>より'02年にリリースした傑作12インチや<Mahogani Music>からのリリースで... [more]

  • Leavemealone / Desole [Jacket]

    T E S T P R E S S

    Leavemealone / Desole


    Tracklist: A1. Leavemealone B1. Desole Description: Not be confused by the impeccable website or recent festival.... [more]

  • True To Myself (Rahaan & Karizma Mixes) [Jacket]

    Angel A

    True To Myself (Rahaan & Karizma Mixes)


    Tracklist: A1. True To Myself (Rahaan Original Mix) B1. True To Myself (Karizma Kaytronik Truth Dub) Description: ... [more]

  • Rwandance [Jacket]

    Andi Otto



    「ハンブルグのサウンドエンジニア、アンディ・オットーの新作”ルワンダンス”。アフリカはルワンダのアーティスト、エヴァ... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Joys As certain as the sun setting across San Antonio Bay each night, throughout every Ibiza season ... [more]

  • 雲の向こう 2丁目 [Jacket]


    雲の向こう 2丁目


    Jazzy Couscous founder Alixkun comes back with a 2nd volume of "Kumo No Muko", 12 Japanese music gems from the 80s ex... [more]

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