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  • Herbert / Classic Herbert

    Mint Condition [UK]

    Classic Herbert [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2017/07/10

    信頼の復刻レーベル<Mint Condition>から今度はHerbert初期を代表する'96年のクラシック・ハウス・タイトルが正規リイシュー!!問答無用のパワー・レコメンデッド!!


    A1. Got To Be Movin B1. Fat King Fire B2. Housewife

    When it comes to house and techno reissues, few labels have quite as strong a reputation as Mint Condition. Since launching last year, they've delivered must-have material from Pepe Bradock, Paul Hester, Robert Owens and Circulation, amongst others. Here they turn their attention to the back catalogue of house-era Matthew Herbert, delivering a new pressing of 1996's Classic Herbert. All three tracks are amongst the producer's strongest dancefloor workouts. Check, for example, the bumpin', proto-boompty drums, mind-altering sub-bass and killer vocal samples of "Got To Be Movin", or the whistling melody lines, Detroit techno influences and fluid riffs of the deliciously positive "Fat King Fire". Arguably best of all, though, is the jazzier "Housewife", which feels like a template for so much of his later deep house material.

    Sold Out
  • Herbert / Deeper

    Curle [BEL]

    Deeper [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2017/10/15

    歴史的名作"See You On Monday"に続いて、Herbert初期を代表するタイムレスなクラシック・ハウス・チューンが正規リイシュー!!incl.Superb Basic Soul Unit Rmx!!あらゆるハウスDJsマスト・チェックでお願いします!!デッドストック!!


    A1. Deeper
    B1. Deeper (Basic Soul Unit Remix)

    "Deeper" was originally featured on Matthew Herbert's Part Two EP, way back in 1996. Since then, that particular 12" has become something of an in-demand item, with the lead cut naturally attracting the most attention. This issue of "Deeper" contains Herbert's original in all its glory - think loopy, low-slung, jazz-flecked hypo-house with woozy, early morning breakdowns - and a fresh remix from label-hopping producer Stuart Li under his familiar Basic Soul Unit alias. He subtly beefs up and speeds up the track, adding some Detroit-influenced keys and fizzing new percussion. The result is a tasty techno revision that pays due reverence to Herbert's thrilling original.

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  • Herbert / See You On Monday

    Curle [BEL]

    See You On Monday [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1690(税込)
    Date: 2016/10/20

    天才Matthew Herbert記念すべきデビュー・シングルに収録されていた絶対的なUKハウス・クラシック・マスターピースが待望の正規リイシュー!!すべてのハウスDJs必携盤!!もれなくマキシマム・レコメンド!!


    A1. See You On Monday
    B1. See You On Monday (Linkwood Remix)


    Almost two years ago we reissued DJ Boom 'Kinda Kickin' with an extra Efdemin remix on CURLE-P06. Because y'all loved it so much, we decided to reissue some more Matthew Herbert deep house goodies. First up is 'See You On Monday' from the iconic "Part One" EP, 20 years old but still timeless! On remix duties is Linkwood, who released his brilliant "Expressions" album on Firecracker last year. He for one knows how to keep the groove whilst diving deep. Including limited silk screen artwork. First 300 on transparent vinyl.

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  • Part 8 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2015/03/30

    天才Matthew Herbert手掛ける「Part」シリーズ最終章となる最新第8弾が入荷!!素晴らしいの一言!!

    '95年にリリースした第1弾に収録されている名曲"See You On Monday"はいまだにプレイするDJsも少なくない約18年の時を経て昨年、復活した天才Matthew Herbertによる伝説の「Part」シリーズ最終章となる最新第8弾が入荷!!一押しとなるKindness新作に参加していたAmy Winehouseのバッキング・ヴォーカルとしても活躍しているAde Omotayoをフィーチャーしたメランコリックな歌物ハウスA2"Remember Ken"をはじめ、アコースティックかつエレクトロニックに桃源郷のような美しいサウンドスケープを描いたB2"Her Face"、そしてこれまたHerbertの特徴でもある独創性の高いカットアップ・ヴォーカル・ハウスを展開したA1"The Wrong Place"等、キャリアを総括した感じのある全4trks素晴らしいの一言です!!

    Sold Out
  • Part 7 [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2014/12/26

    天才Matthew Herbertによる伝説の「Part」シリーズ復活第2弾!!パワー・レコメンデッド!!

    約18年振りに今年の初夏にリリースされた第6弾がクロスオーバーに大きな話題となった天才Matthew Herbertによる伝説の「Part」シリーズ最新第7弾が登場!!前作と同様にロンドンの4ピース・ロック・バンドHejiraのシンガーRahelによるキャッチーなチャントをフィーチャーしたHerbert流R&BハウスA1"Bumps"を筆頭に、'95年から'96年にかけて展開していた「Part」初期シリーズを彷彿とさせるユニークなミニマル・ハウスA2"Sucker"、既にHerbertがこの夏に自身のDJセットでパワー・プレイしていたというバウンシーなインダストリアル・ミニマルB1"Get Strong"等、前作よりもDJユースなトラックが出揃った全4trks当然の如く素晴らしいです!!文句なくパワー・レコメンデッド!!

    Sold Out
  • Herbert / Part Six

    Accidental [UK]

    Part Six [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2014/08/04

    天才Matthew Herbertによる「Part」シリーズ復活作品!!文句なくスーパー・レコメンドの1枚!!

    ご存知、天才Matthew Herbertがキャリアの最初期である'95年から'96年にかけて展開していた「Part」シリーズを約18年振りに復活させ、待望の新作を届けてくれました!!自身が主宰する<Accidental>から昨年にMatthew Herbertがプロデュースを手掛けたアルバムをリリースしているロンドンの4ピース・ロック・バンドHejiraのシンガーRahelをフィーチャーしたDJ Koze"Magical Boy"の傑作リミックスに匹敵する最高にスウィートなヴォーカル・ハウス名曲A1"One Two Three"を筆頭に、こちらもまたHerbertならではと言えるまさしく奇天烈なストレンジ・ミニマル・ハウスを3曲カップリングした絶対注目盤!!文句なくスーパー・レコメンドの1枚!!

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  • Deep Burnt Edits [Jacket]

    Pepe Bradock

    Deep Burnt Edits


    Tracklist: A1. Surprise! B1. The Surprise Is That There Is No Surprise! Description: While he's gone on to produc... [more]

  • Burning [Jacket]

    Pepe Bradock



    フランスきっての鬼才Pepe Bradockがキャリア初期の'99年に<Kif Recordings>からリリースした名作タイトル「Burning」が10年... [more]

  • Classiques Volume Thirteen [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground

    Classiques Volume Thirteen


    シカゴ・ブラック・フュージョン・ハウスの雄Glenn Underground手掛ける大人気ディスコ・エディット・シリーズ<GU Classiques... [more]

  • Tears To Sound [Jacket]

    Ilija Rudman

    Tears To Sound


    Tracklist: A1. Tears To Sound (Ron Trent Mix) A2. Tears To Sound (Aquapella Mix) B1. Distant Feelings B2. Deep Sensa... [more]

  • Get Your Own / J Zimbra [Jacket]

    J Large

    Get Your Own / J Zimbra


    Tracklist: A1. Get Your Own B1. J Zimbra On the A-side, our mystery man gets frisky on a mash-up tip, breathing a ... [more]

  • Nemoto EP [Jacket]

    Harry Wolfman

    Nemoto EP


    Tracklist: A1. Hitch A2. Pigs In Blankets B1. Nemoto B2. STS-136 (Final Call) The A side starts off with 'Hitch'. A... [more]

  • Maestro [Jacket]




    Tracklist A1. Ninive B1. Meccanico RUVIDO 02 sees Japanese producer Altz (founder of Altzmusica) manipulating music... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Unsinn A2. Kannibalentanz B1. Orpheus B2. Every Tree And Creature B3. All Blue Description: Return... [more]

  • Star Child [Jacket]

    MJ Lallo

    Star Child


    Tracklist: A1. Star Child Going Home A2. Aquarius Blue B1. Deep Dreams Description: Whilst soundtracking films fo... [more]

  • Ritmi [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Sentire A2. Creare A3. Avere B1 Ricreare (Yoshinori Hayashi Remix) B2. Essere The latest intriguing... [more]

  • Seeling Aliens E.P. [Jacket]

    DJ Koze

    Seeling Aliens E.P.


    Tracklist: A1. Seeing Aliens (Extended Breakthrough Version) B1. Nein Konig Nein DJ Koze exists both above and beyo... [more]

  • Green Pastures [Jacket]

    DJ Duke

    Green Pastures


    Tracklist: A1. Green Pastures A2. Skyscapes B1. Green Pastures (Nicuri Remix) B2. Skyscapes (Slowburn Remix) For ho... [more]

  • Schnitzel Cuts 004 [Jacket]


    Schnitzel Cuts 004


    Tracklist: A1. Fast Freddy The Roller Disco King (DS Rework) B1. When The Going Gets Smooth And Good (DS Rework) D... [more]

  • Just Don't Understand [Jacket]

    Dancing Egg

    Just Don't Understand


    Tracklist: A1. Just Don’t Understand Description: Mystery white label imprint launches with a single-sided 12" ... [more]

  • Monsieur Blue 003 [Jacket]

    Monsieur Blue

    Monsieur Blue 003


    Tracklist: A1. Untitled B1. Untitled B2. Untitled The mysterious Monsieur Blue returns for a third time to unfurl m... [more]

  • Hypochondriac EP [Jacket]

    Unknown Artist

    Hypochondriac EP


    Tracklist: A1. Hypochondriac A2. Ghosted B1. Existential ft. Jeremy Glenn B2. Movement Every now and then a release... [more]

  • Yambu (Sacred Rhythm Mix) [Jacket]

    Joe Claussell feat. Dayme Arocena

    Yambu (Sacred Rhythm Mix)


    Tracklist: A1. Yambu (Sacred Rhythm Mix) Venerated club icon Joe Claussell gives Cuban sensation Dayme Arocena the... [more]

  • Champagne In Mozambique [Jacket]

    Ingleton Falls

    Champagne In Mozambique


    Tracklist: A1. It's Just A Hobby A2. Possessed A3. She Felt Love B1. High B2. Mind Yer Head Description: Isle Of ... [more]

  • Tracklist: A1. Lisa B1. Chora B2. Schinoussa Description: New House & Techno 12 inch ! Lisa”: piano House Chor... [more]

  • I'm Gonna Miss Ya / Does Anybody Really Know [Jacket]

    Aaron Broomfield / Broomfield Corporate Jam

    I'm Gonna Miss Ya / Does Anybody Really Know


    Tracklist: A1. Aaron Broomfield "I'm Gonna Miss Ya" B1. Broomfield Corporate Jam "Does Anybody Really Know" More fi... [more]

  • Anambra [Jacket]




    Tracklist: A1. Anambra (12" Extended Mix) B1. Anambra (Edited Version) B2. Anambra River Description: Isle Of Jur... [more]

  • Little Love EP [Jacket]

    Primitive Trust

    Little Love EP


    Tracklist: A1. Little Love A2. Tejon (Tee Mango's Dub) B1. Little Love (Floorplan Remix) Description: Will Saul a... [more]

  • Don't Walk Out On Love [Jacket]

    Gallifre Featuring Mondee Oliver

    Don't Walk Out On Love


    Tracklist: A1. Don't Walk Out On Love (Frankie's Club Remix) A2. Don't Walk Out On Love (Frankie's Dream Version) B1... [more]

  • Let's Ride [Jacket]


    Let's Ride


    約3年振りとなる待望のリプレス!!鬼レアなオブスキュアを極めたモダン・ソウル/ディスコ/ファンクを続々と発掘してきたマニ... [more]

  • Base Unit [Jacket]

    Barry Helafonte

    Base Unit


    Tracklist: A1. Base Unit (Intro) A2. Marina Funk A3. In The Mood B1. Sparkling Mango B2. Out In The Night Still fle... [more]

  • Jungle Music [Jacket]

    Walter Gibbons

    Jungle Music


    70年代から80年代にかけての黄金期NYダンス・ミュージックの最重要人物であり伝説のリミキサー/DJ、Walter Gibbonによるレア... [more]

  • Different Shapes And Sizes Remix EP 01 [Jacket]

    Spencer Parker

    Different Shapes And Sizes Remix EP 01


    Tracklist: A1. Shape Fascination (DJ Deep Remix) A2. Shape Fascination (DJ Deep Dub) B1. Riff Shapes (Akirahawks Rem... [more]

  • Djinn (Jonny Rock Remixes) [Jacket]

    Mashrou' Leila

    Djinn (Jonny Rock Remixes)


    Tracklist: A1. Mashrou' Leila "Djin (Jonny Rock Vocal)" B1. Mashrou' Leila "Djin (Jonny Rock Dub)" For this latest ... [more]

  • The Sound Of Mercury Rising Compiled With Love by DJ Harvey [Jacket]

    DJ Harvey

    The Sound Of Mercury Rising Compiled With Love by DJ Harvey


    待望のリプレス!!3年振りの来日も大きな話題となっているご存知、DJ Harveyがイビザの「Pikes Hotel」にてレジデントを務め... [more]

  • Just Like A Doorknob (Remastered) [Jacket]


    Just Like A Doorknob (Remastered)


    Tracklist: A1. Just Like A Doorknob (Disco Version) B1. Just Like A Doorknob (Instrumental Dub Version) Descriptio... [more]

  • Pantsula! - The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-90 [Jacket]


    Pantsula! - The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-90


    Through the work of Awesome Tapes From Africa and others, we now know more than ever about South Africa's electronic ... [more]

  • Nos Magia [Jacket]

    Arp Frique

    Nos Magia


    Tracklist: A1. Nos Magia B1. Kamajo B2. Ijo Ya Three dance floor hitters by the Dutch Arp Frique. "Nos Magia" holds... [more]

  • African Drug (A Special Save The Rhino Project) [Jacket]

    Bob Holroyd

    African Drug (A Special Save The Rhino Project)


    Tracklist: A1. African Drug (Bob Holroyd's Original Version) B1. African Drug (Joaquin Joe Claussell's Hallucination... [more]

  • Grey Skies [Jacket]


    Grey Skies


    トラックリスト: Side A 1. 時の始まり 2. 約束 3. One's Love 4. 午后の休息 5. 愛は幻 Side B 1. Wander Lust 2. 街 3. い... [more]

  • Get Up & Dance [Jacket]

    Andromeda Orchestra

    Get Up & Dance


    Tracklist: A1. Get Up & Dance (Nick The Record Mix) A2. High Steppin' B1. Get Up & Dance B2. Koochie Koo Descripti... [more]

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