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  • Man Power / Fidelity / Valhalla

    Me Me Me [UK]

    Fidelity / Valhalla [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2018/12/14

    ベルリンを拠点に活躍するイギリス人プロデューサーMan Powerが自身が手掛ける人気レーベル<Me Me Me>から新作をリリース!!Big love to Andrew Weatherall、Axel Boman、Red Axes、Paul Woolford、そしてRex The Dogという触れ込みにピンと来たらこれはマスト・チェック!!


    A1. Valhalla B1. Fidelity


    “Me Me Me is two... and in keeping with the name it seemed that I had no choice but to put out what is only my second ever release on my own label since launching with the debut release “Tachyon” back in 2016. (It’s also the labels 13th release too. Spooooooky) So here it is, a double A Side...Side A is “Valhalla” which attempts to be as majestic as the name suggests. Side AA has “Fidelity", which is me channelling big room house as much as I can, while trying to keep ahold of whatever heart strings I can tug on. I’ll let you judge if I’ve achieved what I’d set to do with either.


  • Man Power / Album Remixes

    Correspondant [FRA]

    Album Remixes [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/12/21

    先日立ち上げた期待の新興レーベル<Me Me Me>第1弾も話題となったブリティッシュ才人Man Power傑作1stアルバムから注目のリミックス・シングル・カットが登場!!incl.Awesomeness Moscoman Rmx!!


    A1. Beilsteiner (Moscoman Remix)
    A2. Ten (Suade Remix)
    B1. Hunting Swan (JMII Remix)
    B2. Boys Beware (Pale Blue Drum-A-Pella Remix)


    Correspondant can finally reveal the release of the remixes for Man Power’s debut LP, which was released last year on Correspondant. A year in the making, the remix package features artists and friends hand-picked by both Jennifer Cardini and Man Power himself. All 4 remixes manage to exist as distinct works in their own right, while paying homage to the "magpie" approach of the original long player.

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  • Man Power / Tachyon

    Me Me Me [UK]

    Tachyon [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1740(税込)
    Date: 2016/10/21

    メキシコを拠点に活動する注目すべきイギリス人プロデューサーMan PowerことGeoff Kirkwoodが満を持して立ち上げた期待の新興レーベル<Me Me Me>から素晴らしい新作をリリース!!ディスコ/ハウス/テクノ横断型ダンスフロア・ウエポン!!


    A1. Tachyon
    B1. Tachyon (DJ Tennis Remix)

    Mexico-based Geordie Man Power has been on the rise for some time, picking up plaudits for the quality of his releases on Throne of Blood, ESP Institute, Hivern Discs and Correspondant. Now, he's decided to go it alone, launching the MeMeMe label as a vehicle for his own productions. "Tachyon" is something of a sleazy, late night treat, with the British ex-pat concentrating the action around a deliciously dirty, mutant Italo arpeggio, nagging electronic loops, and punchy drum machine percussion. DJ Tennis takes the track in a different direction on the flip, smothering Man Power's sleazy groove in melodious marimba lines, drowsy chords and elastic electronics.

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  • Man Power / The Tourist

    ESP Institute [US]

    The Tourist [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1790(税込)
    Date: 2016/09/07

    <Stamp Records>からのAlicia Myers名曲ハウス・エディットも最高だった注目すべきイギリス人プロデューサー気鋭Man Power新作が<ESP Institute>から登場!!

    A. The Tourist
    B. Oye

    According to Lovefingers' typically eccentric sales notes, these two tracks from Man Power (AKA similarly quirky producer Geoff Kirkwood) will "put a wrench in your holiday". Kirkwood has been globetrotting a lot lately, and both cuts here sound like they were inspired by visits to hot, steamy countries. He kicks things off with the subtle positivity of "The Tourist", where swirling chords and tumbling synthesizer melodies ride a busy, bouncy, and pleasingly off-kilter, tribal drum groove. While excellent, it lacks the surging positivity, glistening Balearic touches and wonky analogue bottom-end of flipside "Oye", which sounds like an Adriatic anthem in waiting.

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  • Man Power / Thnk U / Ablett

    Stamp Records [UK]

    Thnk U / Ablett [Jacket]


    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2016/09/14

    人気ホワイト盤シリーズ<Stamp Records>最新第7弾!!イギリス人プロデューサー気鋭Man Powerによるスパーヴネス・ダブル・サイダー!!Ltd.!!Kenji Takimiお買い上げ!!

    待望のリプレス!!これまでのリリースがいずれも大好評を博してきた人気ホワイト盤シリーズ<Stamp Records>最新第7弾が入荷!!<Hivern Discs>をはじめ、<Correspondant>、<Throne Of Blood>、<Not An Animal Records>等でリリースを重ねてきた現在はどうやらメキシコはモンテレイを拠点に活動するイギリス人プロデューサー気鋭Man Powerによる今作は、デトロイトのファンク・バンドOne Wayに在籍した歌姫Alicia Myers代表曲でガラージ〜ヒップホップDJsまで幅広い人気を誇るアフターアワーズ定番のディスコ・クラシック"I Want To Thank You"をミニマリーにハウス・エディットした極めつけといえるA面"Thnk U"に、愛の伝道師Barry Whiteによるこちらも名曲中の名曲"I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby"を絶妙にサンプルしたブレイクビーツ・ハウス・エディットB面"Ablett"のスパーヴネス・ダブル・サイダー!!毎度の如く限定プレスにつき、お見逃しなく!!Kenji Takimiお買い上げ!!

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  • Power Theme [Jacket]

    Format: 12"
    Price: ¥1890(税込)
    Date: 2015/10/28

    期待の新興レーベル<Not An Animal Records>記念すべき第1弾!!incl.Superb Ess O Ess / The Backwoods Rmxs!!

    ロンドンを拠点に活動するAndy Bainbridge & Chris StokerからなるBad Passion Projectが期待の新興レーベル<Not An Animal Records>を立ち上げ、記念すべき第1弾をデリバリー!!John Talabot主宰<Hivern Discs>をはじめ、<Correspondant>や<Throne Of Blood>等からリリースを重ねてきたベルリナー気鋭Man PowerことGeoff Kirkwoodによる今作は、中でも復活が望まれる<Ene Records>からのリリースも記憶に新しい主宰Chris Stoker擁するデュオ・ユニットEss O Ess手掛けるアタック感のあるパーカッシヴなギター・フレーズをフィーチャーしたディープ・バレアリック・ディスコに仕立てたA2"Power Theme (Ess O Ess Remix)"に加え、ご存じThe BackwoodsことDJ Kent from Force Of Natureによる深い時間帯にハマりそうなプログレッシブ・ディスコ・リミックスB2"Le Clerc (The Backwoods Remix)"が特にオススメ!!

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  • Beating Heart Project [Jacket]


    Beating Heart Project


    Tracklist: A1. Boys Ride Bikes "Somagwaza II" A2. Nabihah Iqbal "Wonderful_Sushi" B1. Thor Rixon "Tula Mutwana" B2. ... [more]

  • La toue [Jacket]


    La toue


    Tracklist: A1. La toue A2. Esti chaloe A3. Sata B1: La toue breaks version B2. Step step step B3. Dodop vox 「2012... [more]

  • Coastlines EP2 [Jacket]


    Coastlines EP2


    Tracklist: A1. Half Moon Shadow B1. Sunset Reflection 「DJのMasanori Ikeda、cro-magnonのキーボーディストとしても知... [more]

  • Amuse-Bouche Vol. 1 [Jacket]


    Amuse-Bouche Vol. 1


    Tracklist: A1. Lamia Tobira "Umami Dance" A2. Edith Folky "Cognac Cookery" B1. Karol Themsel "Have You Seen Al" B2. ... [more]

  • Edits Vol.2 [Jacket]

    Robert Ouimet

    Edits Vol.2


    Tracklist: A1. Come Party B1. Where's Eugene B2. Rob Can't Stop Following the best-selling first volume, Robert Oui... [more]

  • Hot & Spicy [Jacket]


    Hot & Spicy


    Tracklist: A1. I Got Troubles A2. Oh Oui, Plus Fort B1. Is There Any Love? B2. Song for Lea Description: uality l... [more]

  • I Need You Now [Jacket]


    I Need You Now


    Tracklist: A1. I Need You Now B1. I Need You Now (The Fierce Reprise) B2. I Need You Now (A Capella Edit) Sinnamon... [more]

  • Use Your Imagination (Danny Krivit Edit) [Jacket]


    Use Your Imagination (Danny Krivit Edit)


    Tracklist: A1. Original B1. Danny Krivit Edit 'Use Your imagination' by 'blue-eyed' Funky rock combo Kokomo is a de... [more]

  • Take A Chance [Jacket]

    Mr. Flagio

    Take A Chance


    Tracklist: A1. Take A Chance (Original Version) B1. Take A Chance (Instrumental Version) Description: If you were... [more]

  • Cosmic Swimmer [Jacket]


    Cosmic Swimmer


    Traclist: A1. Cosmic Swimmer A2. Cosmic Swimmer (Soulwax Remix) B1. Cosmic Swimmer (Kim Ann Foxman Remix) B2. Cosmic... [more]

  • Nature Sounds Of The Balearics [Jacket]

    Mark Barrott

    Nature Sounds Of The Balearics


    Tracklist: A1. Aroon A2. Morning Star A3. Point & Figure A4. Heikin-Ashi A5. Trix B1. Keltner & Chalkin B2. Ichimoku... [more]

  • Into Your Story (Kai Alce Remix) [Jacket]

    Sandman & Riverside

    Into Your Story (Kai Alce Remix)


    約2年半振りとなる待望のリプレス!!アメリカはフロリダのディープ・ハウス・レーベル<FastFwd Records>から昨年リリースさ... [more]

  • Koro-Koro [Jacket]

    No Smoke



    Tracklist: A1. Koro-Koro A2. Black Is Black B1. Koro-Koro (Dub Dance) B2. Koro-Koro (Dub Dance Ii) London's Warrior... [more]

  • Love Creation 005 [Jacket]

    Love Creation

    Love Creation 005


    Tracklist: A1. Hang Loose (Love Creation Long Edit) B1. Hang Loose (Love Creation Instrumental Dub) B2. Is It Love C... [more]

  • Tropical Disco Records, Vol. 7 [Jacket]


    Tropical Disco Records, Vol. 7


    Tracklist: A1. Moodena "What Da Funk" A2. Moodena "The Horns" B1. Sammy Deuce "Smack My Strings Up" B2. Sartorial "L... [more]

  • G-Edits #6 [Jacket]

    G. Markus

    G-Edits #6


    Tracklist: A1. Red E B1. Cum Thru Ben Gomori dons his G. Markus mask once again for two chunky house workouts. ‘Re... [more]

  • First Flight [Jacket]

    Mitsuaki Katayama

    First Flight


    「studio muleの新しいリリースの情報をお送りさせて頂きます。日本屈指のジャズのインディペンデントレーベルと言える陸前高... [more]

  • Minnie & Marcos [Jacket]

    Hazards Of Prophecy

    Minnie & Marcos


    Tracklist: A1. Percussion Concussion A2. Minnie & Marcos B1. Love & Rum Description: Kicking things off with "Per... [more]

  • Feel It (Only When The Music Is Real) [Jacket]

    Glenn Underground Feat Yaminah

    Feel It (Only When The Music Is Real)


    Tracklist: A1. Feel It (Only When The Music Is Real) B1. Feel It (CVO Mix) B2. Feel It (CVO Instrumental) シカゴ・... [more]

  • In My Life [Jacket]

    Kaidi Tatham

    In My Life


    Tracklist: A1. Freddie Can't Run Away A2. But You Bring It Up B1. Is Crimbo Really Here B2. In My Life Description... [more]

  • RAUM 04 [Jacket]


    RAUM 04


    Tracklist: A1. Groove 2 A2. Something About You B1. Rat Pack B2. Rat Pack (Hugo LX Revision) Description: New Raw... [more]

  • D.Atlien EP [Jacket]


    D.Atlien EP


    Moodymann率いる<Mahogani Music>ファミリーで自身主宰<La Vida>も大人気なデトロイト・ソウルマンAndresによる注目の新作が... [more]

  • Are You My Woman (Tell Me So) / Stoned Out Of My Mind [Jacket]

    The Chi-Lites

    Are You My Woman (Tell Me So) / Stoned Out Of My Mind


    Serious ‘70s Chi-lites business, remastered officially from the Brunswick back catalogue. Infamously sampled by Beyo... [more]

  • Super Liminal Remixed [Jacket]


    Super Liminal Remixed


    Tracklist: A1. Cham Bomb (Photay Remix) A2. Why So Angry (Sarathy Korwar Remix) A3. Search It Out (Dengue Dengue Den... [more]

  • Battagon Symphony EP [Jacket]

    Planet Battagon

    Battagon Symphony EP


    Tracklist: A1. Salacians Of Trans-Neptunia A2. Who’s Out On Quaoar? B1. Moon Of Dysnomia Description: Planet Bat... [more]

  • Sexo Aspero [Jacket]


    Sexo Aspero


    Tracklist: A1. Sexo Aspero (Raw Klassik Mix) B1. Sexo Aspero (GU 12 Tribes Mixx) B2. Sexo Aspero (GU 12 Tribes Beats... [more]

  • Chiroyli Kalmalak [Jacket]

    Gerry Franke

    Chiroyli Kalmalak


    Tracklist: A1. Chiroyli Kamalak B1. The Key Under The Board This is a new label from Max Graef, Glenn Astro and Del... [more]

  • PARTIEST 1# [Jacket]

    Keita Sano



    「現在世界を席巻中の新世代ハウスとテクノ・シーンの日本代表と言えるサノケイタのニューアルバム。ここ数年で10ヶ国のレー... [more]

  • January People EP [Jacket]


    January People EP


    Tracklist: A1. January People A2. All Right B1. City To City Description: wewillalwaysbealovesong is proud to wel... [more]

  • A Tour In Italy [Jacket]

    Band Aid

    A Tour In Italy


    Tracklist: A1. Tour In Italy (Mediterranean Version) B1. A Tour In Italy B2. A Tour In Italy (Dub Version) Not to b... [more]

  • Miss Manhattan [Jacket]


    Miss Manhattan


    Tracklist: A1. Miss Manhattan (Vocal) B1. Miss Manhattan (Instrumental) B2. Manhattan's Piano Reprise Description:... [more]

  • Cerebral Hemispheres Remixes [Jacket]

    Mr. Fingers

    Cerebral Hemispheres Remixes


    今年リリースされた神様Larry HeardによるMr. Fingersの大傑作アルバム「Cerebral Hemisphere」よりディープなトラックス"Out... [more]

  • Heaven Dub [Jacket]

    Larry Heard

    Heaven Dub


    最新アルバム「Cerebral Hemispheres」が素晴らし過ぎたシカゴ巨匠Larry Heardによる注目の最新作がブルックリンを拠点に活動... [more]

  • Land [Jacket]




    「DJ CMTによる別名義アンビエント?プロジェクト"CHAM"。 CHAMの作品は、活火山の森の中での生活や、精霊の住む山の麓のス... [more]

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